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  • Accessible Voting During a Pandemic - Know Your Rights

    Accessible Voting During a Pandemic - Know Your Rights

    Oct 2

    Exercising our right to vote independently and privately is still a very hit-and-miss affair. There are so many variables that can go wrong, between us and our vote. Having an accessible way of registering to vote, accessing the material to be able to make an informed choice, getting to the polling place, finding officials who know what to do to accommodate a blind or low vision voter, the list goes on and on. And that’s just in a normal election. Throw a pandemic in to the mix and many people will be forced to cast their vote through absentee or mail-in ballot, yet another layer of complexity to navigate.

    To discuss whether we will actually be able to vote accessibly during this extraordinary time, LightHouse is holding an information panel to help you make the most informed choice on the best way to make your vote count.

    How does your state compare to others?

    Will measures be in place in time for you to cast your ballot independently?

    How can you do your bit to ensure your vote is counted?

    Our panelists include:

    Renown Disability Rights attorney Eve Hill

    Michelle Bishop, Voter Access & Engagement Manager, from the National Disability Rights Network

    Ardis Bazyn from the California Council of the Blind.

    This impressive panel will give you detailed information about the provisions available to you and the best ways to inform yourself about what you should expect during the lead-up to, and on, November 3.

    RSVP to Andrea Vecchione at or 415-694-7311.

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