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4:00 pm: Youth PLUG-In - Zooming Beyond Your Summer: Strategies to Stay Entertained and Motivated

Aug 28

Youth PLUG-In is Back! Zooming Beyond Your Summer: Strategies to Stay Entertained and Motivated Friday, August 28, 2020, from 4:00-6:00 PM

What: The summer is drawing to a close so what next? Building on the theme of back to school and maintaining motivation, we will reflect on our summer, explore how to stay connected and entertained at home, as well as have an honest discussion around the challenges of staying focused as we prepare for the upcoming semester. Plug-in to an enjoyable and informative social where we will use interactive activities to explore the above topics. You will not want to miss the opportunity to obtain and identify the necessary tools you will need for your academic and social wellbeing!

When: Friday, August 28 from 4:00-6:00 PM PST

Where: RSVP with your DOR counselor to obtain an authorization.

For more information, contact Ann Wai-Yee Kwong, Transition Program Specialist, at 415-484-8377 or by Thursday noon, one day before the session. You will receive the Zoom invitation information on the morning of the Social.

Youth PLUG-In (Professional Learning Under Guidance) is a virtual connection program designed to keep you engaged and motivated as we continue to remain at home and practice safe public health guidance. Just because we are geographically separated does not mean the world has to halt. Youth PLUG-In continues to offer events for transition-age youth from all over to stay involved and increase your (social well-being, pre-employment and transition, and Expanded Core Curriculum skills).

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Aug 29

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