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The week's events

  • The Business of Blindness: Coffee with Mike Cole (online)

    The Business of Blindness: Coffee with Mike Cole (online)

    Mar 27

    What does it really mean to be a person who is blind or who has low vision? Mike Cole, a veteran of all things blindness, will lead this call-in forum to discuss the many day-to-day ins and outs of blindness, from daily living in your home environment to navigating the vast expanse of bureaucracies. There's always a lively crowd sharing their own experiences, so make a cup of coffee (or tea), sit in your favorite chair, and call in to chat about the business of blindness.

    RSVP to Andrew Martinez at or 415-694-7642.

    Talkin’ About Books: Braiding Sweetgrass (online)

    Talkin’ About Books: Braiding Sweetgrass (online)

    Mar 27

    In honor of Earth Month, we will read and discuss Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants by Robin Wall Kimmerer. As a botanist and professor of plant ecology, Wall Kimmerer has spent a career learning how to ask questions of nature using the tools of science. As a Potawatomi woman, she learned from elders, family, and history that the Potawatomi, as well as a majority of other cultures indigenous to this land, consider plants and animals to be our oldest teachers. This book is on the National Library Service Braille and Audio Reading Download website. The book number is DB92274.

    RSVP online for Talkin' About Books or contact Sabrina Bolus at or 415-694-6707.

  • Tech Together: March 2023 (online)

    Tech Together: March 2023 (online)

    Mar 28

    Join the Access Technology team for a series of informal conversations on technology topics relevant to these current times.

    March 7: Make the Most of Screen Magnification
    We'll take a look at the magnification features of our mobile devices and computers. Whether you use magnification every day or every once in a while, you won’t want to miss this helpful overview.

    RSVP online for Make the Most of Screen Magnification or leave a voicemail at 415-694-7618.

    March 14: Open Forum
    Do you have a favorite tech tip or trick to share? Do you have questions about your tech setup? Do you have ideas about future Tech Together events? Join the Access Technology team for a fun and freeform discussion where we can all nerd out and learn about tech, together.

    RSVP online for Open Forum or leave a voicemail at 415-694-7618.

    March 21: What's New in the World of Access Technology: Updates from CSUN
    We'll share updates and insights after the 38th annual CSUN Assistive Technology conference.

    RSVP online for Updates from CSUN or leave a voicemail at 415-694-7618.

    March 28: Outstanding Standalone Magnification Devices
    We'll have a discussion on standalone magnification solutions. We'll dive into desktop and portable devices, and zoom in on the options that will optimize your visual experience.

    RSVP online for Outstanding Standalone Magnification Devices or leave a voicemail at 415-694-7618.

  • Create In Community Art Class: March 2023 (in-person)

    Create In Community Art Class: March 2023 (in-person)

    Mar 30

    Let's gather together in the 11th floor art space at LightHouse San Francisco (1155 Market) to explore a different art process, style or media each moth while connecting with fellow creatives. These are exploratory, process-oriented classes that invite you to work at whatever level you are, be it first timer to expert.

    This March, we will create a variety of painted and textured papers that we will later use as collage materials to create colorful and tactile artworks.

    RSVP to Maia Scott at or 415-694-7608.

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