LightHouse will be closed on Wednesday, June 19 for the Juneteenth holiday.

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Sep 18(1 event)

12:45 pm: Axis Audio-Described Dance Performance: "Adelante" (in-person)

Sep 18

Join us for an afternoon of dance including a pre-show haptic experience with world acclaimed mixed ability dance troupe, AXIS Dance Company.

Named after the Spanish word for both “forward” and “go ahead”, the three works in Adelante all find common ground in the triumph of the human spirit. The first piece is Breathe Again by AIXS Artistic Director, Nadia Adame, which “explores the most suffocating parts of our collective and individual journeys.” The second is Tread by Ben Levine, “a joyful exploration of momentum, friction, and gravity that uses wheeled children’s toys to level the playing field between disabled and non-disabled dancers.” The third piece is by Asun Noales and “digs into the desires, pleasures, and delights of human relationships.”

Gravity Access will be offering audio description live during this performance and a haptic experience with props and dancers will take place on hour prior to the show.

The performance will take place at ODC Theater located at 3153 17th Street in San Francisco.

They are offering us discounted tickets at $20 a person when you use the code, LIGHTHOUSE, available through the ODC Box office website. Purchase tickets to Adelante.

You can also reach them by phone for assistance at 415-863-9834.

ODC Theater COVID-19 safety: Each attendee mush show either a physical vaccination card, a photo of their card, or their digital vaccination QR code with photo ID. Masks are required.

Sunday, September 18 from 12:45 pm to 4:00 pm

RSVP to Maia Scott at by September 11 and share if you or anyone in your party will join the haptic experience or would like an audio description headset for the performance.

Sep 19(1 event)

6:00 pm: Book Discussion: The Beauty of Dusk: On Vision Lost and Found (online)

Sep 19

One morning in late 2017, New York Times columnist Frank Bruni woke up with strangely blurred vision. He wondered at first if some goo or gunk had worked its way into his right eye. But this was no fleeting annoyance, no fixable inconvenience. Overnight, a rare stroke had cut off blood to one of his optic nerves, rendering him functionally blind in that eye - forever. And he soon learned from doctors that the same disorder could ravage his left eye, too. He could lose his sight altogether.

Join us as we discuss Bruni’s moving memoir about aging, affliction, and optimism after partially losing his eyesight. This book is available on Braille and Audio Reading Download (DBC 16707).

RSVP by 5:00 pm on September 19 to Sabrina Bolus at or 415-694-760

Sep 20
Sep 21(1 event)

1:00 pm: G-Vibes Gratitude Sessions (online)

Sep 21

G-Vibes are Gratitude Visually Impaired Blind Energizing Sessions. Gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Gather online and share what you feel grateful for in a safe and welcoming space and hear what others share as well. These mid-week sessions can help you feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve your health, deal with adversity and build strong relationships.

RSVP to Sabrina Bolus at or 415-694-760

Sep 22(1 event)

1:00 pm: Create in Community (in-person)

Sep 22

Get your creative juices flowing every week in the LightHouse Craft Room. We’ll explore a variety of different arts media and prompts that will change each month. Let loose your curiosity and sense of play in a supportive space where you are welcome to experiment with the current LightHouse projects, or bring your own craft to work on alongside friends. No experience is necessary. Wear or bring something you don't mind getting dirty.

This September, we will create and decorate a unique selection of book structures from tunnel books to one-page zines, pamphlet stitched bindings and more.

RSVP to Maia Scott at or 415-694-7608.

Sep 23
Sep 24

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