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Apr 14
Apr 15(1 event)

9:30 am: The Business of Blindness: Coffee with Mike (online)

Apr 15

What does it mean to be blind or low vision? Mike Cole, a veteran of all things blindness, leads this call-in forum to discuss the day-to-day ins and outs of blindness—from daily living in your home environment to navigating the vast expanse of bureaucracies.

RSVP for The Business of Blindness online or contact Andrew Martinez at or 415-694-7642.

Apr 16(1 event)

2:00 pm: Tech Together April 2024: (online)

Apr 16

Join the Access Technology team for a series of informal conversations on technology topics relevant to these current times.

April 2: What's New in the World of Access Technology: Updates from CSUN
Join the Access Technology team and we'll share updates and insights after the 39th annual CSUN Assistive Technology conference.
RSVP online for What's New in the World of Access Technology: Updates from CSUN, or leave a voicemail at 415-694-7684.

April 9: All About iPads
The Access Technology team will discuss all iPad offerings from the iPad, to the Pro, to the Air, to the Mini. Join Tech Together and let's talk about these fantastic tablets!
RSVP online for All About iPads, or leave a voicemail at 415-694-7684.

April 16: The Envision Glasses, Featuring Ian Ramos
The LightHouse Access Technology team is honored and delighted to welcome back Ian Ramos of Access Ingenuity. Ian will be joining us to discuss features of the Envision glasses.
RSVP online for The Envision Glasses, Featuring Ian Ramos, or leave a voicemail at 415-694-7684.

April 23: What's Up With Watches
Smartwatches are becoming a prolific and popular option for health tracking and communication. Join the Access Technology team and we'll discuss the features and accessibility enhancements available on these wonderful wearables.
RSVP online for What's Up With Watches, or leave a voicemail at 415-694-7684.

April 30: Open Forum
Do you have a favorite tech tip or trick to share? Do you have questions about your tech setup? Do you have ideas about future Tech Together events? Join the Access Technology team for a fun and freeform discussion where we can all nerd out and learn about tech, together.
RSVP online for Open Forum, or leave a voicemail at 415-694-7684.

Apr 17
Apr 18(2 events)

11:00 am: April is National Card & Letter Writing Month 2024 (in-person)

Apr 18

Do you wish you could send and receive more fun mail in our mailboxes? Did you enjoy writing cards and letters and don’t do it anymore because of your changes in vision or reliance on technology? Do you miss connecting with others through the good ol’ fashioned U.S. Postal Mail? Would you like to brighten someone’s day by sending a heartfelt message to a friend or a loved one?

Come celebrate! April is National Card & Letter Writing Month 2024 is happening at the LightHouse San Francisco offices. Join us for the fun and functional art and living skills groups on Thursday, April 11 and 18, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. Pick up some new tips and techniques for letter writing by learning the benefits of using thick line pens, large print writing, thick line paper, writing guides, and Braille, and hone your art and mail art making skills! Enjoy meeting fellow letter writing and mail art lovers, chat about the histories of postal mail and the letter writing event, and the many ways to send postal mail.

RSVP online for April is National Card & Letter Writing Month 2024, or contact Maia Scott at or 415-694-7608.

2:00 pm: Tecnologia para Todos (online)

Apr 18

Join the LightHouse’s monthly access Technology Spanish meeting. Tecnología para todos is a space where users share their knowledge and experience. Each month, we talk about services, applications and devices available for blind and low vision users.

This event will be conducted using the Zoom platform. You can connect to Zoom using a computer, an app, or by dialing in from any phone. Zoom meeting details will be provided when you RSVP to Fernando Macias at or 1-415-694-7670.

Apr 19(2 events)

10:00 am: Seeing AI Training for Seniors 65+ at Earle Baum Center (in-person)

Apr 19

Attention to Sonoma County Residents who have low vision and are 65 or older.

Interested in learning more about using Al apps on your iPhone or Android?

The Earle Baum Center is offering a free phone stand and two hours of training on how to use the Seeing Al App on iPhone and Android.

Cathy Mulhern will be teaching you how to use the Seeing Al App to:

    • Read mail
    • Read a bill
    • Read a letter on your own without someone else knowing your business
    • Identify what you have in the pantry (is the can beans or dog food?
    • Identify what currency you are handing a cashierCathy Mulhern will be teaching you how to use the Seeing Al App to:

What you need: Bring your phone and materials you want to be able to read and that you currently rely on others to read for you such as mail, a can of food etc.

Where: Earle Baum Center  at 4539 Occidental Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

When: Fridays from 10:00 am to noon or 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm in Room 3.


  • Have Seeing Al app downloaded on iPhone or Android.
  • Know how to use Siri and have it set up for iPhone users.
  • Have not received a phone stand from Earle Baum Center.

RSVP: To Cathy Mulhern at 707-206-8486 by calling Monday – Friday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm.

6:00 pm: 30% and Growing (in-person)

Apr 19

Join us back in the city as 30% and Growing stops by Azucar Lounge at 299 9th St. in San Francisco, for Latin food and drinks. Come out and enjoy camaraderie with other blind and low vision people who are in different stages of their career. Azucar Lounge is a few blocks from Lighthouse headquarters, and we will be walking over as a group for anyone who would like to join.

RSVP to Andrew Martinez at or 415-694-7642.

Apr 20

The events for the upcoming week are read aloud on our event hotline every Friday, which can be accessed by calling 415-694-7325. For more information about visiting the Adaptations Store, head to our shop page.

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