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3:00 pm: Wildlife of the San Francisco Bay and Shorelines

Mar 17

Join East Bay Regional Park Naturalist Michael Charnofsky for a virtual tour of the wildlife of the San Francisco Bay and shorelines: Although the SF Bay is much different now than 200 years ago, it is still home to a fascinating array of wildlife big and small.

Mar 18
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5:00 pm: Community Bingo Goes Virtual

Mar 19

Bingo is back virtually, so break out those accessible bingo cards and enter our virtual game room for all that bingo fun with Enchanted Hills Camp volunteer Annalisa. Come for the bingo excitement, stay for the prize at the end. If you don't have cards, you can order them online at or by phone at 888-400-8933. A limited supply of accessible bingo cards are also available for free loan by contacting Jaclyne Atoigue at or call 415.694.7618 where you can also direct your RSVP and request for Zoom access details.

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4:00 pm: Una tarde de Orientación y Movilidad con Robert Alminana

Mar 26

Robert Alminana Portrait

Una tarde de Orientación y Movilidad con Robert Alminana (An after of Orientation and Mobility with Robert Alminana)

Cuándo: marzo 26, 2021

Dónde: por Zoom. Se puede agregar usando su teléfono, tableta, o computadora.

Acompañennos para nuestra reunión de marzo donde nuestro invitado será Robert Alminana, especialista de Orientación y Movilidad. “orientación se refiere a la habilidad de uno de saber dónde estás y adonde quiere ir, ... movilidad se refiere a la habilidad que tiene uno de moverse con confianza, seguridad, Y éxito.” Vengan a aprender estrategias nuevas y informarse sobre los diferentes recursos que los pueden ayudar a comenzar, o continuar, Su habilidad para navegar. Inviten a sus amigos, traigan sus preguntas, y pasense una tarde llena de buena conversación e información.

Con preguntas o para registrarse, por favor contacten ah Esmeralda Soto (415)694-7323

*por favor regístrense antes de las 12 de la tarde el jueves 25 de marzo*

When: Friday March 26, 2021

Where: Via Zoom. You can join Zoom by using a phone, tablet, or computer.

Join us for March’s installment of LightHouse’s Spanish speaker series, where we’ll be joined by Orientation and Mobility specialist Robert Alminana. “Orientation refers to the ability to know where you are and where you want to go, … mobility refers to the ability to move safely, efficiently and effectively from one place to another.” Come learn new strategies and find new resources to start, or increase, your navigation skills. Invite a friend, bring your questions, and spend a Friday evening with some good and informative conversation!

If you have questions or Would like to RSVP, contact Esmeralda Soto at or (415)694-7323

*Please RSVP by March 25 at 12:00 PM*

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