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1:30 pm: Virtual Tours at Legion of Honor

Sep 10

Thursday, August 13, 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. - Connections
Thursday, September 10, 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. - What's the Story?
Thursday, October 8, 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. - Works in Three dimensions

The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco is offering three highly descriptive Zoom tours led by docent Jim Kohn. Jim will kick off his three-lecture series on August 13 at 1:00 p.m. Stanley Yarnell of the Blind Posse previewed Jim’s presentation and said, "He had me in the palm of his hand the whole time." Jim is extraordinarily articulate and has significant experience describing art for the blind and low vision community.

Thursday, August 13, 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
This tour of objects from the permanent collection at the de Young will connect traditional native cultures with contemporary American art. Art from Africa will be compared with art from African American artists, Art from Asia will be connected to works by Asian American artists, and art from native American people will be compared and connected with art produced in contemporary times in North America.

Thursday, September 10, 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
What's the Story?
In this tour, participants will be introduced to narratives present in several works from the permanent collection at the Legion of Honor, including stories from the classical era, the Old and New Testaments, and from the artists’ imaginations.

Thursday, October 8, 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Works in Three dimensions
This tour will include sculptures from the collection at the Legion of Honor and will span the history of art from earliest times, 5000 years ago or more, up to the twentieth century. Sculpture in stone and bronze as well as ceramics and porcelain are included.

For Zoom access details, contact Adult Program Coordinator Serena Olsen at or 415-694-7316.

Sep 11
Sep 12(1 event)

1:00 pm: LightHouse Krafters Korner Hangout: DIY No-Sew Mask Workshop

Sep 12

As the COVID-19 pandemic persists, three recommendations remain constant: wash your hands frequently, maintain physical distance from those who do not share your household with as much as possible, and wear a mask over your mouth and nose to minimize potential viral transmission via vapor and droplets produced when you breathe, cough, or sneeze. We’re going to cover your options for DIY no-sew masks made from items you already have around your house that you can fall back on in an unexpected maskless moment. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • A clear flat work surface
  • Mask 1: a lightweight cotton t-shirt; long sleeve is preferred, short sleeve may also work.
  • Mask 2: an odd cotton sock you don’t mind cutting.
  • Mask 3: a short sleeved, cotton t-shirt you don’t mind cutting up.


Note that these are not masks taken from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website. If you are a blind stitcher and/or would like to do some extra credit, you can access the CDC’s sew and no-sew homemade mask alternatives. For a deep dive on the who, what, when, where, how, and why of cloth masks to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, visit COVID-19: Considerations for Wearing Masks at the CDC website.

To RSVP and for Zoom access info, contact Adult Program Coordinator Serena Olsen at or 415-694-7316.

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5:00 pm: Community Bingo Goes Virtual

Sep 18

Bingo is back virtually, so break out those accessible bingo cards and enter our virtual game room for all that bingo fun with Enchanted Hills Camp volunteer Annalisa. Come for the bingo excitement, stay for the prize at the end. If you don't have cards, you can order them online at or by phone at 888-400-8933. A limited supply of accessible bingo cards are also available for free loan by contacting Jaclyne Atoigue at or call 415.694.7618 where you can also direct your RSVP and request for Zoom access details.

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10:30 am: Estate Planning 101 – Fulfilling your philanthropic goals with Trusts and Estates Attorney, Kevan Warren(Online)

Sep 25

Now is a great time to plan your estate, and feel satisfied that you have made your intentions clear. Mr. Warren is a Trusts and Estates Attorney in Albany, California. He specializes in tailoring comprehensive estate planning documents for clients and advises trustees and executors on the administration of a decedent’s estate in compliance with California law. Join Kevan and LightHouse via ZOOM remote access to get started on your own legacy giving plan from an expert.

To receive your personal ZOOM remote access link to the workshop, please RSVP by Wednesday, September 23 to Paul Blaney, Manager of Individual Giving, at or call 415-694-7313.

7:00 pm: En Communidad (In Community)

Sep 25

En Comunidad

Cuándo: Septiembre 25, 2020 de 7:00 a 8:00 PM

Dónde: Zoom, plataforma virtual (en cualquier lugar se puede acceder a alguna reunión de Zoom. Puede unirse usando su teléfono, tableta, o computadora. La información de Zoomserá compartida con los que se registren antes del evento.)

Quen: Familias de estudiantes ciegos o con baja visión de 14 a 20 años de edad

Que: Todos son bienvenidos! En comunidad es un programa diseñado para traer recursos e información relevante a estudiantes y sus familias, en español. Vengan a aprender, hacer preguntas, A construir comunidades con otras familias de estudiantes ciegos o con baja visión, y A conocer mentores.

Acompáñennos para nuestro primer instalamiento de En Comunidad, donde platicaremos sobre todo que ver con estudios y aprendizaje en este nuevo tiempo de distancia miento. Mientras el mundo se adapta a esta nueva forma de aprendizaje, muchos encuentran que tienen preguntas Y buscan información accesible. Traigan a sus familias, sus preguntas, y Acompáñenos por una hora donde daremos consejos Útiles, y donde escucharemos cuentas personales de un panel de estudiantes

Para preguntas o para reservar, por favor de contactar a Daisy Soto a:, (805)657-7138.

* Aceptamos donaciones*

In Community

When: September 25, 2020, 7:00 to 8:00 P.M.

Where: Via Zoom (Zoom can be accessed almost anywhere. Join us by using your phone, tablet, or computer. Zoom information will be shared prior to the event with those who RSVP.)

Who: Families of youth ages 14-20 and their blind and low vision child or student.

What: All are welcome! En Communidad is a program designed to bring students and their families valuable resources and relevant information, in Spanish. Come to learn, ask questions, build connections with fellow families of blind and low vision students, and meet blind mentors!

Come join us for our first Instalment of En Communidad, where we will be discussing all things distance learning. As the world adapts to this new way of learning, many people find themselves having questions and wondering where to find accessible information. Bring your families, your questions and spend an hour getting some tips and hearing first-hand advice from a panel of blind college students.

For any questions and to RSVP, please contact Daisy Soto at:, (805)-657-7138.

*Donations Encouraged*

Sep 26(1 event)

1:00 pm: Disability Book Series: Jo Elizabeth Pinto On Parenting Blind

Sep 26

RSVP is required at this Eventbrite link for Jo Elizabeth Pinto on parenting blind.

LightHouse San Francisco is a proud partner with Senior and Disability Action and other Bay Area community organizations to bring you the Disability Book Series, highlighting the talents, wisdom, and experience of disabled authors. Join Bay Area Blind Mom Lisamaria Martinez in conversation with author Jo Elizabeth Pinto for the wit, candor, and sass that comes from being a parent who happens to be blind.

Jo Elizabeth Pinto, author of "Daddy Won't Let Mom Drive The Car" and "The Bright Side of Darkness," was born in Chicago in 1971 and grew up in Brighton, Colorado. She was part of the first generation of disabled students who integrated the public school system in the late 1970’s. In 1992, Pinto graduated from the University of Northern Colorado at Greeley with a degree in Human Rehabilitative Services. While teaching disabled students how to use adaptive computer technology, she earned a second degree in 2004 from the Metropolitan State College of Denver in Nonprofit Organization Management. Blind since birth, she is currently self-employed as a braille textbook proofreader.

As an author, Pinto knows the importance of entertaining her readers while also giving them food for thought. Whether she writes fiction, nonfiction, or poetry, she draws inspiration from her own experiences to show her audience that hope is always just an action away.

Pinto currently lives in Colorado with her husband Gerald and her daughter Sarah, her yellow Labrador guide dog Anlyn, two cats named Sam-I-Am and Andy, and a parakeet called Rocket.

"Daddy Won't Let Mom Drive The Car" and "The Bright Side of Darkness" are available on Amazon in paperback and for Audible and Kindle download, and the latter was recently added to National Library Services (DBC 13147).

About the Disability Book Series:

The intent of this book reading series is to highlight authors with disabilities, disabled writers, and to interrogate ableism and societal conceptions of disability. We welcome any and all suggestions for future authors, free venues in San Francisco, and feedback as to how our events can be more accessible, inclusive, or generally better at

RSVP for the September 26 event with Jo Elizabeth Pinto.

Collaborating Partners:
Independent Living Resource Center San Francisco (ILRCSF)
LightHouse for the Blind & Visually Impaired San Francisco
San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (SFBC)
San Francisco Senior and Disability Action (SDA)

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