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11:00 am: White Cane Day Celebration with LightHouse & Mission: AstroAccess

Oct 15

You are cordially invited to a LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired – San Francisco event: “Will There Be Space for White Canes in Space?"

As part of the White Cane Awareness Day celebrations taking place around the world, LightHouse is hosting a discussion focusing on the future of travel with white canes.

We are proud to present the first public seminar by the four people who are blind who have been selected as the first blind researchers into the accessibility of 0 gravity. These "AstroAccess Ambassadors" will experience weightlessness and carry out lunar gravity, Martian gravity, and zero gravity observations and experiments investigating how the physical environment aboard space vessels should be modified so that all astronauts and explorers, regardless of disability on Earth, can live, work, and thrive in space. They will be speaking to us from Long Beach, California, from where they will be undertaking this groundbreaking flight forty-eight hours later. Mission: AstroAccess, a nonprofit and volunteer task force is providing support for this flight, to which LightHouse is a proud contributor. One of the goals of this research is to explore what mobility and orientation will look like for blind astronauts in the future. Will our traditional white canes be a thing of the past? Or, will they morph into something like a Star Wars light saber?

Come along and hear This handpicked team of blind ambassadors talk about their expectations of this first research flight, the access features that will be in place for the flight and their own White Cane wish-lists.

We’d love you to come with your own ideas of how cane travel might evolve in the future, and your questions for this panel.

What: Will There Be Space for White Canes in Space?
Date: Friday October 15
Time: 11.00 AM – 12.00 PM Pacific Time
To RSVP: click this EventBrite link and sign up

This interesting discussion will be taking place over Zoom.

We look forward to celebrating White Cane Awareness Day 2021 with you!

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2:00 pm: Meet You At The House

Oct 27

Pull up a comfy chair and join Community Outreach Coordinator Sheri Albers in the LightHouse virtual living room to talk about all things LightHouse! Have you been experiencing changes in your vision that have been effecting your daily life, but did not know who to talk to? LightHouse in San Francisco may have the solutions you have been looking for. This is a safe place to bring the questions that you have been wanting to ask. As always, Raqi from the Adaptations Store will be on hand to let us know what is new in the world of low vision and blindness products. RSVP to Sheri Albers at 415-694-7331 or

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