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Sep 26

Disability Book Series: Jo Elizabeth Pinto On Parenting Blind

Disability Book Series: Jo Elizabeth Pinto On Parenting Blind

Sep 26

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LightHouse San Francisco is a proud partner with Senior and Disability Action and other Bay Area community organizations to bring you the Disability Book Series, highlighting the talents, wisdom, and experience of disabled authors. Join Bay Area Blind Mom Lisamaria Martinez in conversation with author Jo Elizabeth Pinto for the wit, candor, and sass that comes from being a parent who happens to be blind.

Jo Elizabeth Pinto, author of "Daddy Won't Let Mom Drive The Car" and "The Bright Side of Darkness," was born in Chicago in 1971 and grew up in Brighton, Colorado. She was part of the first generation of disabled students who integrated the public school system in the late 1970’s. In 1992, Pinto graduated from the University of Northern Colorado at Greeley with a degree in Human Rehabilitative Services. While teaching disabled students how to use adaptive computer technology, she earned a second degree in 2004 from the Metropolitan State College of Denver in Nonprofit Organization Management. Blind since birth, she is currently self-employed as a braille textbook proofreader.

As an author, Pinto knows the importance of entertaining her readers while also giving them food for thought. Whether she writes fiction, nonfiction, or poetry, she draws inspiration from her own experiences to show her audience that hope is always just an action away.

Pinto currently lives in Colorado with her husband Gerald and her daughter Sarah, her yellow Labrador guide dog Anlyn, two cats named Sam-I-Am and Andy, and a parakeet called Rocket.

"Daddy Won't Let Mom Drive The Car" and "The Bright Side of Darkness" are available on Amazon in paperback and for Audible and Kindle download, and the latter was recently added to National Library Services (DBC 13147).

About the Disability Book Series:

The intent of this book reading series is to highlight authors with disabilities, disabled writers, and to interrogate ableism and societal conceptions of disability. We welcome any and all suggestions for future authors, free venues in San Francisco, and feedback as to how our events can be more accessible, inclusive, or generally better at

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Collaborating Partners:
Independent Living Resource Center San Francisco (ILRCSF)
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San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (SFBC)
San Francisco Senior and Disability Action (SDA)

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