Sep 26

Employment Immersion September Virtual Workshop

Employment Immersion September Virtual Workshop

Sep 25

September's workshop runs weekdays from September 8 through October 2.

There IS a job market! Job seekers who are blind and have low vision are in demand to work remotely. Let LightHouse support you on your pathway to employment in these challenging times.

Our award-winning Employment Immersion program is now available virtually. Now is the time to join us via the Zoom conferencing platform. The program begins the first Monday of every month and runs each weekday. This comprehensive month-long training is specifically designed for people who are blind and have low vision. We are committed to providing group and individual guidance from the fundamentals of job search, to the complexities of disclosure of one’s disability with pride and confidence, to instruction on job search techniques, to honing interview skills. Most importantly, this program focuses on the participant’s individual job goals.

To learn more about this exciting opportunity, please contact the team through email:

En Communidad (In Community)

En Communidad (In Community)

Sep 25

En Comunidad

Cuándo: Septiembre 25, 2020 de 7:00 a 8:00 PM

Dónde: Zoom, plataforma virtual (en cualquier lugar se puede acceder a alguna reunión de Zoom. Puede unirse usando su teléfono, tableta, o computadora. La información de Zoomserá compartida con los que se registren antes del evento.)

Quen: Familias de estudiantes ciegos o con baja visión de 14 a 20 años de edad

Que: Todos son bienvenidos! En comunidad es un programa diseñado para traer recursos e información relevante a estudiantes y sus familias, en español. Vengan a aprender, hacer preguntas, A construir comunidades con otras familias de estudiantes ciegos o con baja visión, y A conocer mentores.

Acompáñennos para nuestro primer instalamiento de En Comunidad, donde platicaremos sobre todo que ver con estudios y aprendizaje en este nuevo tiempo de distancia miento. Mientras el mundo se adapta a esta nueva forma de aprendizaje, muchos encuentran que tienen preguntas Y buscan información accesible. Traigan a sus familias, sus preguntas, y Acompáñenos por una hora donde daremos consejos Útiles, y donde escucharemos cuentas personales de un panel de estudiantes

Para preguntas o para reservar, por favor de contactar a Daisy Soto a:, (805)657-7138.

* Aceptamos donaciones*

In Community

When: September 25, 2020, 7:00 to 8:00 P.M.

Where: Via Zoom (Zoom can be accessed almost anywhere. Join us by using your phone, tablet, or computer. Zoom information will be shared prior to the event with those who RSVP.)

Who: Families of youth ages 14-20 and their blind and low vision child or student.

What: All are welcome! En Communidad is a program designed to bring students and their families valuable resources and relevant information, in Spanish. Come to learn, ask questions, build connections with fellow families of blind and low vision students, and meet blind mentors!

Come join us for our first Instalment of En Communidad, where we will be discussing all things distance learning. As the world adapts to this new way of learning, many people find themselves having questions and wondering where to find accessible information. Bring your families, your questions and spend an hour getting some tips and hearing first-hand advice from a panel of blind college students.

For any questions and to RSVP, please contact Daisy Soto at:, (805)-657-7138.

*Donations Encouraged*

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