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May 25

Meet Me in the Kitchen (in-person)

Meet Me in the Kitchen (in-person)

May 24

“Meet me in the kitchen,” is a five-week course designed to empower LightHouse students with the non-visual techniques needed to prepare and present delicious meals independently. This course is created and taught by Bobbi Pompey, a Independent Living Skills Specialist with a passion for cooking and teaching. Each week you will learn non-visual kitchen skills, general cooking tips and tricks, and prepare a snack or meal.

Skills You Will Learn Include:

  • Organizing, labeling, and preparing your kitchen and work space
  • Measuring wet and dry ingredients
    Using knives, kitchen appliances, blindness/low vision gadgets and other “tools of the trade”
  • Understanding how to build flavor profiles, decipher lingo used in recipes, and determine the doneness of food
  • Serving, garnishing, and presenting meals with multiple dishes to friends and family, and other guests

    Course Schedule:

  • Session 1: May 10 - Welcome and Course Overview
    This session will include staff/student introductions, a course overview, a tour of the kitchen, and an introduction to basic techniques for navigating a kitchen. Class will conclude with a lesson on pouring and spreading and the preparation of a snack.
  • Session 2, May 17 - Cracking the Code
    By the end of this session, you will understand how to decipher common recipe lingo, develop delicious flavor profiles with spices stock a pantry with basic staples, and shop for groceries independently. Techniques for measuring will be used to create a spice rub and/or basic sauce.
  • Session 3: May 24 - Getting the Job Done
    Knife skills are the main focus of this session. Students will make a simple one-pot soup and learn to determine when food is done.
  • Session 4: May 31 - Learning to Spin All the Plates
    This class marks the transition into the more advanced portion of the course. Labeling, organizing, blindness devices, kitchen gadgets, and the use of small appliances will be covered as ways to add efficiency to meal preparation. You will prepare a three part meal during this session.
  •  No class June 7
  • Session 5: June 14 - Putting On the Finishing Touches
    Taking all the skills of previous classes you will learn to; serve yourself, serve others, set a table, and decorate and/or garnish a meal.

Spots in this fun and educational course are limited, so secure your participation by contacting Bobbi Pompey, or 415-694-7613 by April 26.

Eye of the Storm: Audio-Described Performance (in-person)

Eye of the Storm: Audio-Described Performance (in-person)

May 24

Innervision Theater Presents
Eye of the Storm

An original drama about preparing for a climate emergency, developed in a series of workshops designed to weave together diverse experiences from the lives of the actors who are blind or have low vision.

Presented with audio description.

Friday, May 24 @ 7:00 pm or
Saturday, May 25 @ 2:00 pm

Wilkerson Theater
1731 25th St.
Sacramento, 95816

Free admission

Eye of the Storm is presented as part of the Climate Theater Project at Short Center Repertory. Learn more at /


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