LightHouse will be closed on Wednesday, June 19 for the Juneteenth holiday.

The week's events

  • Stress Reduction & Meditation (online)

    Stress Reduction & Meditation (online)

    May 26

    Stress Reduction & Meditation Goes Virtual

    Please note that although LightHouse is closed for the holidays, this virtual class is still being held on December 22.

    Each Wednesday morning we offer a series of short, meditation-based practices for relaxation and stress reduction. The group is appropriate for both beginners and advanced practitioners and instruction is provided in all aspects of the practice. Instructor Jeffrey Schneider has more than 40 years of meditation and teaching experience. It is a virtual class using the Zoom platform—everyone is welcome as little or often as they like. Dial in, find a comfortable position, breathe deeply, clear your head, and de-stress.

    RSVP to Sabrina Bolus at or 415-694-7607.

  • Una Tarde de Tecnología con Jeffrey Colon - An Evening of Technology with Jeffrey Colon

    Una Tarde de Tecnología con Jeffrey Colon - An Evening of Technology with Jeffrey Colon

    May 28

    Una Tarde de Tecnología con Jeffrey Colon

    Cuando: Mayo 28, 2021 de 4:00 – 5:30 PM
    Donde: por Zoom. Se pueden unir a Zoom, usando su teléfono, tableta, o computadora.
    Tiene preguntas sobre las nuevas tecnologías? Esta interesado en aprender más sobre los diferentes servicios de tecnología que LightHouse ofrece? Entonces acompáñanos este mayo, cuando nuestro propio Jeffrey Colon, especialista de tecnologías de asistencia, va a ser el invitado. Originalmente de Puerto Rico, Jeffrey viene con muchos años de experiencia enseñando estudiantes ciegos y de baja visión a mejorar su entendimiento y confianza con la tecnología. Traigan sus preguntas, amigos, y entusiasmo y pásense una tarde al comienzo de este verano con nosotros y lo que estamos seguros será una conversación excelente!

    Si tienen preguntas o para registrarse, por favor contacten a Esmeralda Soto a o 415-694-7323.

    *Por favor regístrense antes del jueves 27 de mayo.*

    An Evening of Technology with Jeffrey Colon

    When: Friday May 28, 2021 from 4:00 – 5:30 PM
    Where: Via Zoom. You can use your phone, tablet, or computer to join.
    Do you have questions about assistive technology? Are you interested in learning more about what types of tech training the LightHouse offers? If so, join us this May when our own assistive technology specialist, Jeffrey Colon, will be our presenter. Originally from Puerto Rico, Jeffrey has been helping blind and visually impaired students improve their technology skills during both English and Spanish classes for many years. Bring your questions, friends, and enthusiasm, and spend a summer evening as part of what will surely be a great conversation!

    With questions or to RSVP please contact Esmeralda Soto at or

    *Please RSVP by Thursday, May 27*

The events for the upcoming week are read aloud on our event hotline every Friday, which can be accessed by calling 415-694-7325. For more information about visiting the Adaptations Store, head to our shop page.

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