LightHouse will be closed on Wednesday, June 19 for the Juneteenth holiday.

The week's events

  • Tech Together Online

    Tech Together Online

    Nov 23

    Nov 2: What's New With iOS 15
    With a new iOS version comes new features and changes to the iOS experience, but what does this mean for access technology users? What is a focus mode? What are VoiceOver quick settings? What are the bugs or fixes you should know about before or after updating your phone? We'll discuss the ups and the downs of iOS 15 and share are tips and tricks.

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    Nov 9: Unpacking PDFs
    PDF, or Portable Document Format files are some of the most commonly used types of documents. If you're an access technology user, they just might be your most common source of techno-stress! We'll discuss strategies and techniques for reading PDF files, from the fully accessible to the completely inaccessible.

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    Nov 16: Talk Shopping
    We’ll be discussing the apps and services you can use to buy all your favorite things. Whether you're checking off items on a grocery list, shopping for a special occasion, or just indulging in a little retail therapy, we’ll highlight accessible ways to shop with confidence.

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    Nov 23: What's Cooking!
    'Tis the season for delicious dishes and festive feasts! Join the access technology team for a tasty Tech Together. We'll discuss tips and strategies for accessible recipe-finding and meal planning, as well as some accessible kitchen tools that can help you spice up your holidays.

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    Nov 30: No Tech Together

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