Events in November 2021

  • 30% & Growing Goes Virtual

    30% & Growing Goes Virtual

    Nov 18

    Hello LightHouse Friends, We are in for a real treat this month to have a guest speaker who will make an employment related topic fun, as well as informative. The individual who hits this mark in both categories is Dr. Hoby Wedler. Dr. Wedler wears many professional hats, one of them being a blind scientist. I have asked Him to share his experience with what it takes to start your own business as a blind entrepreneur. What have been his successes? Failures? Then, of course, we will learn how his latest venture into the spice world came about!

    To RSVP and receive Zoom access information, contact Community Outreach Coordinator, Sheri Albers at or 415-694-7331.

  • Meet You At The House

    Meet You At The House

    Nov 24

    Pull up a comfy chair and join Community Outreach Coordinator, Sheri Albers, in the LightHouse virtual living room to talk about all things LightHouse! Have you been experiencing changes in your vision that have been affecting your daily life, but don’t know what to do? LightHouse of San Francisco is here to help. This is the perfect place to come and ask the questions that you need answers to.

    RSVP to Sheri Albers at or 415-694-7331.

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