Apr 19

EBC Vision Group at Earle Baum Center (hybrid)

EBC Vision Group at Earle Baum Center (hybrid)

Apr 18

EBC Vision Group meets on EBC campus in Room 3 and via your phone on the first and third Thursday of the month.

In the instructor-led class we introduce ourselves to each other and share information or ask questions about our experiences with sight loss. Examples of topics of interest for our group discussion include accessible equipment such as the BTBL player or BARD, CTAP free phone services; NFB news line phone number services; shopping from catalogs such as Maxi aids and LSS for vision and hearing loss; food shopping online at local stores and arranging for deliveries.

The group may also discuss topics including how to remain independent in our homes; use of the latest adaptable technology and magnification devices such as hand-held optical lenses, and electronic portable and electronic desktop models. We may want to understand the local Paratransit system or ride share programs such as Uber or Lyft driver programs. In addition, we regularly review the schedule of other classes, activities and events available at EBC that may be of interest to our group members.

We welcome anyone with sight loss to attend our support groups, you do not need to be a current client of EBC. We value our connections with each other and the lively discussions. Each group is led by an EBC instructor.

Please contact our main office at 707-523-3222 for more information.

Adaptive Yoga With Nancy Yates at the San Francisco Public Library (in-person)

Adaptive Yoga With Nancy Yates at the San Francisco Public Library (in-person)

Apr 18

The Talking Books and Braille Center (TBBC), located at 100 Larkin Street on the second floor of Main Branch of the San Francisco Public Library. TBBC is offering a series of five classes on March 21, April 18, May 16, June 20, and July 18 from 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm.

Adaptive yoga is a type of yoga that is inclusive of all body types and abilities. It is accessible to anyone, and various modifications are taught, allowing the poses to be adjusted to specific needs and abilities. Nancy Yates is offering a gentle yoga class, specifically designed for people with low vision or blindness of all age groups and experience levels. Nancy has been practicing yoga for 46 years and teaching since 1996. She has introduced Adaptive Yoga to the SF LightHouse, TBBC, SFVAMC, and other organizations.  The class will move slowly and mindfully to calm the nervous system, stretch the body and build strength and stability. Please bring a blanket if you have one, as it can get chilly.

Yoga mats will be provided for each class, but space is limited, so please call 415-557-4253 to register.

The events for the upcoming week are read aloud on our event hotline every Friday, which can be accessed by calling 415-694-7325. For more information about visiting the Adaptations Store, head to our shop page.

The LightHouse is scent-free. Please abstain from wearing colognes, perfumes, or other scented products. Additionally, coffee must be securely lidded at all times and citrus should not be peeled on the premises. Thanks for supporting our efforts to respect chemical sensitivities!

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