LightHouse will be closed on Juneteenth (June 19).

Events in June 2023

  • Paid Opportunity to Help Improve MTC Wayfinding and Mapping Standards (online)

    Paid Opportunity to Help Improve MTC Wayfinding and Mapping Standards (online)

    Jun 23

    LightHouse is partnering with the Regional Mapping and Wayfinding Project to host an online community workshop on June 23 from 12:45 pm to 3:45 pm. We’d love to hear from community members who are blind, visually impaired, low-income, and people of color who use public transit or could be impacted by a transportation project.

    What is the workshop all about?

    As part of the Bay Area Transit Transformation Action Plan the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and other stakeholders are committed to a range of projects for public transit’s post-pandemic recovery and long-term improvement. One of the actions identified was to “Fund and finalize regional mapping and wayfinding standards for application across all operator service areas”. This intends to ensure transit services are easier to navigate and more convenient for both new and existing riders.

    Now is the time for our communities’ voices to be heard and for us to help shape the future of this work.

    Individuals or households can sign up for this three-hour workshop hosted over the Zoom or phone, and each person who participates in the session is paid $100 via Visa gift card.

    Please plan to be available for the entire three hours scheduled for the workshop. There will be a break during the workshop. This workshop has a maximum of 20 participants, and we will have a waitlist for last-minute cancellations.

    RSVP online for the workshop by June 22. If you have questions, please contact Sheri Albers at 415-694-7331 or

  • Meet You At The House (online)

    Meet You At The House (online)

    Jun 28

    Pull up a comfy chair and join Community Outreach Specialist Sheri Albers in the LightHouse virtual living room to talk about all things LightHouse! Have you been experiencing changes in your vision that have been affecting your daily life, but did not know who to talk to? LightHouse in San Francisco may have the solutions you have been looking for. This is a safe place to bring the questions that you have been wanting to ask. As always, Raqi from the Adaptations Store will be on hand to let us know what is new in the world of low vision and blindness products.

    To RSVP, contact Sheri Albers at 415-694-7331, or email

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