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Jul 24

Fully Tactile Art Exhibition (in-person)

Fully Tactile Art Exhibition (in-person)

Jul 24

Note: There is a LightHouse outing for this exhibition on Friday, July 26 from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. RSVP to Maia Scott at or 415-694-7608 for that. If you can’t make that time, you can go on your own at the days/times below.

Date and Times: July 24 through July 28, Wednesday to Friday 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm, Saturday & Sunday noon to 4:00 pm

Announcing the Fully Tactile Art Exhibition, coming to San Francisco this July! This free to the public exhibition curated by Ian Buchanan, Ben Warner, and Jerry Kuns in collaboration with numerous Bay Area Artists, explores the ways in which art can be experienced by our various senses!

Are you sometimes disappointed by art being hidden behind glass? Have you ever wanted a more engaging interaction with the materials of art? Do you wish to explore artistic creations with more than just your eyes? Then this exhibition is for you!

Come immerse yourself in the sounds and the emotions of poetry, feel the dance of wood grain of a Douglas fir sculpture, run your fingers through the fibers of textiles, let your hands “see” the intricacies of ceramic works, and lose yourself in a forest of felt.

Let’s explore how smell, touch and sound can deepen our arts interactions.

Held at the end of July 2024, this five day, free exhibition includes over a dozen artists that draw inspiration from the question - how can art be experienced beyond sight?

Where: Jettison Creative @ 47 Jeff Adachi Way, San Francisco

We would be happy to organize tours of the event if you have a group or an organization that is interested in experiencing Fully Tactile Art Exhibition.

If there is anyone that you know who supports arts and accessibility and would be interested in this project please do not hesitate to share this with them or contact us at

The greatest way you can support this project and more like it is by sharing this event and come joining us!

Come touch and be touched by art!

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