A tactile, bronze display of the Golden Gate Bridge

Museums and Exhibits

Museums and Exhibits

Contact Greg Kehret, Director of Access to Information Services, at 415-694-7349

LightHouse Can Make Your Museum or Exhibit Accessible!

Crafting tours and exhibits for blind patrons requires skill and imagination, using a variety of senses and techniques to get the information across. Creative solutions that are part of the fabric of a design benefit all visitors, with only a minimal cost impact.

It’s the right thing to do and it’s the law

Complaints, consent decrees, and potential lawsuits may be far more expensive and detrimental to an entity’s reputation then folding accessibility in from the start.

Expert in advanced blind design, the LightHouse for the Blind and its team of consultants has experience improving accessibility for museums, government and cultural institutions.

The scope of our expertise includes:

  • Tactile and acoustic exhibits
  • Braille brochures and plaques
  • GPS activated audio tours
  • Maps and diagrams accessible through sound and touch
  • Consulting on how to accommodate individuals with disabilities
  • Access Technology
  • 508 compliant web accessibility testing
  • Human guide training
  • Professional recording of signage, exhibit descriptions, and written materials
  • Blindness and Dog Guide etiquette

Let the LightHouse help you make your exhibition accessible to the 20% of the U.S. population that has a disability. Hiring the LightHouse sends the right message: that blind and visually impaired visitor’s needs, safety and right to accessible information is a priority.

How can you get started? Contact Greg Kehret, Director of Access to Information Services, at 415-694-7349 or email gkehret@lighthouse-sf.org