EHC Camp/Retreat Worker

POSITION:                       EHC Camp/Retreat Worker

REPORTS TO:                  Site Manager

STATUS:                          Non-Exempt

APPLICATION DEADLINE:         Open Until Filled


Job Purpose:

Enchanted Hill Camp, located in Napa, is looking for a Camp/Retreat Worker. Under the direction of the Camp’s Site Manager, the EHC Camp/Retreat Worker is a full time position that will assist in the maintenance and repair of the camp’s buildings, grounds, equipment and other facilities consistent with the mission and established policies and procedures of the camp. This position will also serve as Lifeguard for pool and/or lake if applicable.

Role Overview:

  1. Maintain camp grounds
    • Operate necessary grounds care equipment such as mower, chain saws, etc., in safe and efficient manner.
    • Be aware and make necessary changes to hazards found on camp grounds.
    • Make minor repairs as needed
  1. Assist in the repair of buildings and facilities.
    • Make minor repairs as needed.
  1. Perform janitorial and general maintenance duties
    • Sweep, mop, scrub, wax floors, wash windows and screens, put up and take down tables and chairs, bedding, program material and – repair same;
    • Clean and maintain kitchen and dining area
    • Clean and maintain restrooms
    • Dispose of trash and waste. Manage recycling.
  2. Perform food service duties
    • Receive and store meals in refrigerator
    • Prep meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner by placing them in the oven on the correct temperature for the correct amount of time.
    • Serve campers meals.
    • Prep menu and assist with meal scheduling and orders.
  1. Performs all duties in accordance with prescribed regulatory compliance guidelines, including local, state and federal guidelines as well as American Camp Association accreditation standards.
    • Assist with emergencies on site.
    • Assist in conducting initial and end-of-season inventory
    • Store equipment for safety.
    • Follow schedule for checking physical plant and equipment for safety, cleanliness and good repair.
    • The Camp/Retreat Worker must carry an EHC radio and be available to be in contact with the supervisor via walkie-talkie whenever on duty.
    • Read, understand, and adhere to all Agency policies and procedures.
    • This employee should conduct themselves in a professional manner on and off the job, knowing that the Camp/Retreat Worker is a representative of LightHouse.
    • This employee should perform all job responsibilities.
    • The Camp/Retreat Worker should maintain a positive and respectful attitude toward everyone.
    • The Camp/Retreat Worker should communicate regularly and appropriately with our supervisors, and colleagues within our own departments.
    • The Camp/Retreat Worker must demonstrate efficient time management and the ability to prioritize our assignments.
    • The Camp/Retreat Worker must consistently report to work on time and be ready to begin performing our assigned duties and responsibilities.
    • The Camp/Retreat Worker must work productively.
    • The Camp/Retreat Worker must continue to learn and communicate a blindness-positive philosophy based on best current practices in the field

Other Job Duties:

  • Lifeguard at Pool and/or Lake if holding appropriate certification
  • Organize pre-planned menus and recipes.
  • Assist in preparation of Retreat Rentals.
  • Prepare Sleeping and meeting areas.
  • Respond to housekeeping requests of guests.
  • This individual should ensure that the learning of recipes and amounts used for Retreat food service; menu planning for future rental groups, gathering and organizing facility institutional knowledge is logged and passed on to staff.
  • This individual should develop a working knowledge of our water treatment plant and provide direct supervision of the property for volunteer and agency partners.
  • The Camp/Retreat Worker, in the absence of the Site Manager, is expected to caretake and oversee the facility until the Site Manager or other supervisory personnel returns to the site.
  • The Camp/Retreat Worker is expected to assist volunteer groups and regulatory agencies with site projects as needed.
  • The Camp/Retreat Worker must demonstrate how to log hours for clock-in and clock-out requirements and insist that other staff members also clock in & out in accordance with LightHouse policies.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Education or equivalent: A high school diploma or its equivalent or two years of experience in a facility. Knowledge and practical experience with site maintenance, construction, or grounds-keeping business.
  • Current certification in first aid and CPR is desirable. American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification (willing to obtain) is desired. Valid and current driver license is also desired.
  • Class C license to allow driving of company van to transport campers is an expectation for this role.
  • This position should have the ability to work on a team, relate and work well with others.
  • Self-starter and organizer.
  • Ability to accept guidance, direction and supervision.
  • Proficiency in the safe and proper use of power equipment and tools, heavy and light machinery, and building materials is an expectation for this role.
  • Experience supervising aquatic facility (if necessary).
  • Ability to understand and implement safety regulations and procedures to include the logging and documenting of procedures, creation of SOP’s, and the training of staff to create Incidence Reports.
  • Incident Reports should be completed for each Risk Event. The Retreat Worker should ensure that staff is trained to handle each such event.
  • Ability, both visual and auditory, to identify safety hazards and monitor guest and staff behavior and enforce appropriate safety regulations and emergency procedures.
  • Ability to walk, stand, bend and stretch.
  • Ability to lift up to approximately 50 pounds and occasional lifting of equipment weighing up to approximately 75 pounds may be required.
  • Ability to safely and properly use power tools and equipment.
  • Ability to safely drive cars, light trucks, mowers and other motorized vehicles.
  • Visual and auditory ability to identify and respond to environmental and other hazards related to the camp operation.
  • Physical ability to respond appropriately to situations requiring first aid. Must be able to assist campers in an emergency (fire, evacuation, illness or injury).
  • On-going training to gain knowledge and certification in the maintenance and repair of machinery and power tools. Participate in the maintenance and repair as is necessary.
  • Operate with daily exposure to the sun and heat and other environmental conditions.
  • Temporary overnight housing in our guest lofts may be provided to overnight staff.

Working Conditions:

LightHouse is an equal opportunity employer. LightHouse policy and the law prohibit discrimination and harassment based on an individual’s race, ancestry, religion or religious creed (including religious dress and grooming practices), color, age (40 and over), sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetic information, national origin (including language use restrictions), marital status, medical condition (including cancer and genetic characteristics), physical or mental disability (including HIV and AIDS), military or veteran status, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and related medical conditions, denial of Family and Medical Care leave, height and weight, or any other classification protected by federal, state, or local laws, regulations, or ordinances. Our policy and the law prohibit co-workers, third parties, supervisors, and managers from engaging in such conduct.

LightHouse personnel are employed on an at-will basis. Employment at-will means that the employment relationship may be terminated, with or without cause and with or without advance notice at any time by the employee or the Agency. We strive to maintain a scent-free environment and a drug-free workplace. 

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