Mom and Dad hold their Little Learner, Ottis, as they pose for a family portrait in a park

Little Learners mom Jora tells how our program has helped her son Ottis

This year for Giving Tuesday, we are excited to be raising funds for our LightHouse Little Learners Program. Little Learners provides incredible services to families raising infants and toddlers who are blind, low vision, or have CVI or other developmental delays that include visual impairment.

“Leaving a long-term NICU stay is only the beginning for parents of medically complex or disabled children. We were filled with joy, fear, sadness, relief, and rage. Every corner we turned there was a new diagnosis, every door we opened revealed complicated systems we had to quickly learn. LightHouse Little Learners sent us our first post-NICU angel, Drue Banister, who jumped through hoops to come see us as soon as she could.  

“We came home knowing Otis wasn’t developing his vision very well, and on top of everything else, this was absolutely heartbreaking for us. Little Learners Specialist Drue gave us hope in realistic doses- she also helped us to accept our son’s vision impairment with our heads held high. She brought everything Otis needed for a “little room”, and she excitedly built it while talking all about bells, colors, textures, and so much more. We learned how to cater to his strengths, and how vision contributes to all aspects of the human body. Otis played using a switch, a light box, and so many orbeez.   

“Drue became our biggest cheerleader, our advocate, our friend, and her incredible depth of knowledge about vision just bubbled over. With her help, we learned how to engage our son, find his best visual tools, and stimulate his brain to create new pathways to increase vision.   LightHouse Little Learners is a beacon for families embarking on their early intervention journey.” – LightHouse Little Learners Mom, Jora 

If you would like to help support the littlest members of the blind community, you can make a Giving Tuesday donation here.

Make a Giving Tuesday Donation to LightHouse Little Learners

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