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White Cane Day Golden Gate Bridge March on Sunday, October 15

LightHouse is thrilled to invite the blind, low vision, and deafblind community and our sighted allies to an extraordinary celebration of White Cane Day on Sunday, October 15! Together, as a proud and united community, we will embark on a journey across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, white canes in hand, to promote awareness, understanding, and inclusion of people with visual impairment. After the march, join us at Crissy Field for a picnic after-party. This year’s White Cane Day will be an unforgettable celebration of unity, strength, and empowerment!

Our White Cane Day Celebration will begin at 8:30 am at the LightHouse Headquarters with coffee and a shuttle ride out to the day’s event. The shuttles will drop us off by 9:30 at the Vista Point on the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge. Our march across the iconic stretch of the Golden Gate Bridge with our canes leading the way will begin promptly at 10:00 am.

The 2.3 miles march across the bridge is estimated to be about an hour walk, taking us from the H. Dana Bowers Rest Area & Vista Point on the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge to the West Bluff Amphitheater at Crissy Field in San Francisco. Our picnic lunch and community gathering will start at 11:00 am and lunch will be ready shortly after you finish the march. After some food, festivities, and fun times, LightHouse will have shuttles available back to our HQ departing Crissy Field at 1:30 pm. We hope you will join us!

General Event Information

8:30 am – Meet at LightHouse HQ (1155 Market St., 10th Floor, SF)
8:45 am – Busses will depart for the Sausalito side of the Bridge from LightHouse HQ
9:30 am – Meet and assemble the group marching across the Bridge at the Sausalito Vista Point (parking is extremely limited we encourage participants to take the LightHouse shuttle) – for more information about parking from Golden Gate Transit please visit this link.
10:00 am – Official start of White Cane Day Golden Gate Bridge March
11:00 am – Meet at West Bluff Picnic Area at Crissy Field for our Community Celebration and Picnic after the march (limited parking available at picnic area)
1:30 pm – Buses will depart from West Bluff Picnic Area to return to LightHouse HQ

RSVP: Please complete this Microsoft Form to RSVP

Please Note: Market Street is shutting down between 5th and 8th streets from Saturday, October 14 through Saturday, October 28 as part of the Better Market Street Project. This will affect many Muni and other above ground public transit routes, but the area will remain open for pedestrian traffic. For more information, please visit this link.

If you are new to LightHouse programs or have any questions about our White Cane Day Celebration and events, please contact Jamey Gump by email at jgump@lighthouse-sf.org or call 415-694-7372.

Become a Sponsored Marcher

White Cane Day is all about celebrating independence and empowering those who are blind, deafblind, or have low vision. Independence and empowerment are at the core of the LightHouse mission and every program and service we provide to our students. To help support LightHouse programs and our mission, you can become a Sponsored Marcher! Like a traditional walk-a-thon, participants of our White Cane Day Golden Gate Bridge March will have the option to register as an individual or team as sponsored marchers who community members, donors, supporters and allies can donate to. All funds raised through sponsorships of our White Cane Day March will go to LightHouse programs. You can register to become a sponsored marcher when you RSVP.
Once you’re registered, share the donation link on your social media pages and with your preferred channels—and don’t forget to tag @LightHouse_SF! 
Please Note: You do not have to register as a Sponsored Marcher to participate in the White Cane Day Golden Gate Bridge March.

You Cane Give: Used Cane Fundraiser

Wondering what to do with that old cane you no longer use? This year, as part of our White Cane Day Celebration, we are partnering with You Cane Give to collect used canes and help them find homes with other blind folks around the world who are in need of one. To donate your cane, please feel free to bring it with you on the day of our march across the bridge or drop it off at the designated bin at LightHouse reception anytime in the month of October. To learn more about You Cane Give, click here.

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