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LightHouse Volunteer Spotlight: Abbey and Patrick!

Patrick and Abbey pose together with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge in the backgroundHappy International Volunteer Month! The next spotlight in our Volunteer Series is the dynamic duo, Abbey and Patrick! This couple has given much of their time, energy, and heart to LightHouse and we are so thankful for their generosity – and their introduction to Enchanted Hills Camp is a pretty special one! Here’s more from Abbey and Patrick:
How did you first hear about LightHouse and how long have you been volunteering?
“We first learned about LightHouse by accident because we were looking for a place to have our wedding. A friend of a friend suggested Enchanted Hills Camp. We really didn’t know anything about the camp or its role within the blind community. The people we met at EHC were very welcoming and the camp was the perfect place for us to get married in the summer of 2014. We started volunteering at Enchanted Hills for the Adult Camp session, building tent cabins and tree planting, and then we started volunteering with LightHouse as well.”
Aside from your work at EHC, what kind of support do you provide as a Personal Service Volunteer?
Abbey: “We have each done personal service support by helping people read their mail, providing IT support and making ‘check in’ phone calls during the pandemic. I have enjoyed helping people with their ballots and making calls for voter registration.”
Patrick: “I recently worked in the MAD Lab embossing Braille business cards which I found challenging yet really interesting. I also helped with the COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics.”
Do you have a favorite volunteer memory?
Abbey: “I really liked building the tent cabins at EHC to help restore camp after the Napa wildfires. Knowing what it looked like before, I knew it was really important to help the site become a safe and welcoming place again so camp could be held.”
What has volunteering with LightHouse and Enchanted Hills Camp taught you?
Patrick: “Volunteering at EHC Adult Camp was really our first experience working and hanging out with people who are visually impaired. It taught me how to interact with blind individuals in public settings and I have tried to share this basic knowledge with others. LightHouse and EHC are so fun and welcoming, we have really enjoyed getting to know the staff, volunteers and participants. We are lucky to have been able to join the community in our small way.”
We assure you both, Patrick and Abbey, that you are always welcome in the blind community and the support you two have provided to Enchanted Hills Camp and LightHouse programs is in way “small.” Thank you!
For more information about our LightHouse Volunteer Program, go to Learn how you can become a LightHouse Volunteer or request a Personal Service Volunteer

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