The Bop it button in color and black and white variations

LightHouse Announces Partnership with Bop It Creator

We’re pleased to announce that a unique partnership has been formed between LightHouse and inventor of the popular Bop It toy, Dan Klitsner, whose office is just a hop, skip and a jump from LightHouse San Francisco. Dan wanted to commemorate Bop It’s 25th birthday by launching a charitable-giving campaign called Bop It for Good, where for every Bop It Button purchased, one will be donated to LightHouse.   

For those of you who haven’t yet experienced the joy of playing with the Bop It Button, it is the simplest Bop It toy to date.  Instead of the traditional “twist it, pull it, bop it”, the player is instructed to “Bop It” or “don’t Bop It.”  

“Over the past 25 years, I have heard from many people who are blind or have low vision who played Bop It with their sighted friends and family straight out of the box and I am really proud of that,” said Klitsner.  

Bop It has been a go-to game within the LightHouse recreational programming for both youth and adults who are blind or have low vision since Bop It first came onto the market 25 years ago. It’s a uniquely interactive game that can be played on equal terms whether you are blind or sighted, and it is that exact synergy that has helped forge this exciting partnership.  “Toys and games that can be played on equal terms by both blind and sighted people are hard to find,” said LightHouse CEO Sharon Giovinazzo, “we are just so excited to be chosen by Bop It for Good as its first beneficiary.”  

Order your Bop It Button to benefit LightHouse from our Adaptations Store.

And stay tuned for more on this wonderful new partnership. Thank you, Bop It For Good! And see an exciting opportunity for young inventors in our program listing below.  

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