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Support LightHouse Little Learners this Giving Tuesday, 11/29

Tuesday, November 29 is Giving Tuesday, a global day of generosity for people and organizations to transform their communities. This year, we are raising money for our LightHouse Little Learners. which recently celebrated its first anniversary.
Little Learners serves the youngest members of the blind and low vision population from ages 0 to 3 and their families. Here is just one account of the impact our Little Learners team is having on one family.
“My 16-month-old son was born with bilateral microphthalmia and was diagnosed recently with optic nerve hypoplasia. We are so very grateful for Little Learners and our Little Learners Specialist Kristi, who has pretty much become part of our family. My son loves Kristi and when he hears her voice, he gets very excited. 
“The medical appointment support that Kristi provides is so important. Kristi asks questions that I forget to ask (or don’t know to ask) during my son’s ophthalmology appointments. She also provides me with helpful resources such as a beginner’s guide for parents about learning Braille as well as raising a child who has a visual impairment. 
My son and I look forward to the weekly Little Learners Sensory Playgroup Kristi leads, which features different topics and activities such as body awareness through music and movement, creating a Braille cell by placing eggs into a muffin tin, and exploring concepts of fast and slow movement and sound by comparing different sound shakers. In addition to being so much fun, the Little Learners Playgroup has been a source of additional support for me as I have gotten to meet other parents who share a similar journey of raising a child who is blind or has low vision. Kristi has taught me how to best support my son as he learns about the world around him and has shown me strategies and tips on how to motivate him.”
Stay tuned for more information about how you can support LightHouse Little Learners on Giving Tuesday, or, if you can’t wait until then, you can donate right now, and choose Little Learners from the dropdown list.
Our littlest people thank you!

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