LightHouse Little Learner explore teh textures of a Braille book

The Gift of Early Literacy

Photo Caption: A Little Learner rests on his mother’s lap and smiles as he reaches to touch a picture of a brown dog’s face in the book, “That’s Not My Puppy.”
By Pam Chapin, LightHouse Little Learners Program Director
LightHouse Little Learners received an amazing gift! Our wonderful friends at Seedlings Braille Books for Children shared over 200 Braille board books that will enable children and families to receive the gift of early literacy in their homes.
Cuddling up with your child to read together is a wonderful way to introduce books to infants and toddlers. Early literacy includes all manner of discovering stories through listening, exploring tactile images and colorful pictures, Braille, and print. Babies delight in sharing the rhythm and rhyme of a story and helping to turn the pages. Storytime can be explored at your baby’s own pace and can include songs and experiences that reinforce the concepts presented in the story. Siblings and older children make wonderful reading partners for your little learner and can help foster a shared love of stories and family reading routines.
We are deeply grateful to Debra Bonde and the dedicated team at Seedlings for making books accessible to all our little learners!
If you would like to learn more about Seedlings programs or explore their selection of Braille books for all age groups, visit their website or connect with them on their toll-free number: 800-777-8552 or by email:
Happy reading.

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