Sabrina Bolus

Meet Sabrina Bolus: A New member of our Community Services Team

Earlier this year, Sabrina Bolus joined LightHouse as one of our new Adult Programs Coordinators. So far, Sabrina and co-coordinator, Maia Scott, have hit the ground running, creating many new programs and building community for our LightHouse students 18 years and older. We asked Sabrina some questions to get to know her a little better.
What type of work did you do before joining LightHouse?
“For 15 years, I was able to develop creative marketing programs for the tech Industry. Among other things, I translated technical information into everyday language through songs and scripted performances at trade shows and other events. In 2014, I graduated from seminary, where I learned to listen with my heart. I spent 1600 hours in clinical training and got to do 400 of them in Ghana, Africa. Visiting the land of my ancestors was a dream come true. I became an interfaith chaplain who worked in recovery and got to walk with people as they reconnected with themselves and others. From this experience, I try not to stay stuck in a problem. I give it space, then live in the solution. I got to teach this for the better part of the last seven years.”

As a person who has low vision, how do you think your own experiences have shaped you?
“My vision journey has been like changing high school in my senior year. I sometimes feel lost and out of place and need new ways to do things. There are times that I am sad or angry about my vision changes. At times, I am afraid. So, I learned to use the energy of fear to my advantage. I became curious about it all, and I paid attention to how things felt and eventually learned to grow and have fun again. As my vision changed, I received great support from the Oakland Department of Rehabilitation (DOR), and my current support group, recommended by UC Berkely Low Vision Clinic. I learn and grow by staying connected with others.”
What are you most looking forward to in your new role as Adult Programs Co-Coordinator?
“Now that I finally know what makes me feel whole, I can set an intention for it. After three years of working from home, I am learning how to be in a community again. I am being connected to people, which is why I appreciate working as an Adult Programs Coordinator in the Community Services Department at the LightHouse. I get to support and co-create programs that re-connect people to joyfulness and to others.”

We are delighted to welcome Sabrina to our staff and cannot wait to see how her previous life and career experiences and her valuable insight and positive outlook will shape the blind and low vision community. Please feel free to reach out to her at
You can join Sabrina and Maia at any one of our new programs or events for adult students. Check out the LightHouse Calendar to view all our programs and events.

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  1. Best wishes Sabrina on a bright future and brilliant collaboration with the community and the Lighthouse.
    Your positive creativity energizes every room you enter.

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