2022 Volunteers of the Year, Leslie O’Neil and Peter Goetz, stand on the LightHouse staircase with Allyson Ferrari, Volunteer Manager. Leslie and Peter are holding their Volunteer of the Year plaques. Note: Masks were temporarily removed to take this photo
Leslie O’Neil, Allyosn Ferrari & Peter Goetz

Hear More About the Four Amazing LightHouse Volunteers of the Year

Recently, we wrote about our fantastic LightHouse volunteers and that four of these incredible people would be awarded 2022 Volunteer of the Year.
The award ceremony took place at LightHouse headquarters and was well-attended with a very warm and friendly atmosphere with everybody being there to share their gratitude for these four community members.
The four people awarded were:
Peter Goetz who has shown great dedication to our community by giving his time and traveling long distances to work with a number of blind people. Watch LightHouse student Eric Holm thank Peter

Dietician and author Alicia Connor recorded this video to recognize 2022 Volunteer of the Year Aubree Fairchild who, Alicia says, has been a friend and ear during the tough times in the pandemic when consistency was most important to her.
Longtime LightHouse volunteer Mike Cole was also one of the recipients, having volunteered with the LightHouse for more than twenty years. Every week, no matter what, Mike has facilitated “Coffee with Mike Cole” every Monday morning to give people who are blind or have low vision the opportunity to talk with a group to share and learn from each other. LightHouse staff member Jaclyne Atoigue tells the story of just how giving and reliable Mike Cole is.
The fourth recipient, Leslie O’Neil, gives her time to a number of LightHouse community members including our Vice President of Communications Lee Kumutat. Nothing is too hard or much for Leslie. Here’s Lee describing some of the adventures they have had together.

All of these volunteers have given a number of hours to LightHouse students through one-on-one volunteering, programmatic support, and more. We are honored that they have chosen to give their time to our organization and to the LightHouse community. Thank you Mike, Leslie, Peter, and Aubree!