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Curious About the Worldview of LightHouse CEO Bryan Bashin?

“The Curious Worldview” is the name of a podcast in which presenter Ryan Faulkner-Hogg makes it his mission to interview people who have a different worldview from his and from the majority of people. Scrolling through the 80-odd episodes, it’s an eclectic collection of intriguing and fascinating randomness: from a discussion of the Chinese-Taipan relationship, to nihilism (and if you had to look that up, I did too).
One of Faulkner-Hogg’s most recent guests was our very own LightHouse CEO Bryan Bashin. It’s a focused meandering conversation on many topics including Bryan’s enduring love of 18th century blind traveling pioneer James Holman and why he should not be forgotten. Bryan and Faulkner-Hogg discuss the best thing about going blind according to Bryan, enablement versus disablement and why Bryan thinks modern civil planning inhibits life for people who are blind or have low vision.
It’s an interesting and incisive listen, so do yourself a favor and download it
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You can also find “The Curious Worldview” podcast and download the April 11, 2022 episode (episode 83) using your favorite way to access podcasts.
If you have a smart speaker such as a HomePod, Google Home or Amazon Echo, you can ask it to “Play episode 83 of The Curious Worldview podcast”.

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