Graph with 4 overlapping lines and braille labels.

What is the Health Footprint of the Pandemic?

2 pages side-by-side. Left is a graph with 4 overlapping lines, with braille labels. Right is 4 graphs with braille labels.

Title: Pandemic Health Footprint Over Time

Image Description: A 2-page graphic with a key and complex graph on page 1, separated into 4 simplified graphs on page 2. The graph contains 4 lines, with x-axis label “Time,” and y-axis label “Health Footprint of Pandemic.” The 4 lines curve in different ways with additional labels listed below and on page 2 of graphic.

  • 1st Wave line starts at origin, curving up steeply, with peak high on the y-axis and 1/8 length of x-axis, then down to shallower slope, ending about 2/3 length of x-axis. Label at peak: “Immediate mortality and morbidity of COVID-19.” Label on tail: “Post-ICU recovery.”
  • 2nd Wave line starts at origin, coming up in a bell curve, with peak 1/2 height of y-axis and 1/3 length of x-axis. Label at peak: “Impact of resource restriction on urgent non-COVID conditions.”
  • 3rd Wave line starts 1/3 of the way along the x-axis, curving up to a peak around 2/3 length of x-axis, and 1/3 height of y-axis, coming back down and continuing off the end of the graph’s x-axis. Label at peak: “Impact of interrupted care on chronic conditions.”
  • 4th Wave line starts after origin, 1/8 of the way along the x-axis, with logarithmic growth, peaking at the top of the y-axis and end of the x-axis. Label at peak (end of graph): “Psychic trauma, Mental illness, Economic injury, Burnout.”

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ZIP folder contains files for producing 2-page tactile graphic on 8.5 x 11-inch paper, portrait:

  • PRNs for ViewPlus Columbia / Delta, APH PixBlaster, IRIE BrailleTrac / BrailleSheet;
  • PDFs for Swell, Microcapsule or PIAF;
  • Reference PDFs with corresponding large print text (not for tactile production).

Printing Instructions and Supported Embossers

How to unzip/uncompress: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, MacOS.

Source:Long COVID Mini-Series: Burden, from Your Local Epidemiologist newsletter; Tweet by Dr Victor Tseng.

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