Map of Ukraine with symbols and braille labels within bordering countries.

Where are Russia’s troops positioned near Ukraine?

Map of Ukraine with symbols and braille labels within bordering countries.


Title: Russian Troop Locations, Feb 2022

Image Description: Map of Ukraine and bordering countries, showing locations of Russia’s troops, both permanently stationed and newly arrived units. North is up; north arrow is omitted. Ukraine is in the middle with Belarus to the northwest, Russia to the northeast and east, Moldova and Romania to the southwest, and Crimea, a small area to the south, surrounded by the Black Sea. Newly arrived units (numbers unconfirmed) are marked with a solid dot. Permanently stationed troops are marked by a number, representing the number in thousands. Near Ukraine, newly arrived units within Belarus: 8; Russia: 6, Crimea: 1; Moldova: 1. Approximate numbers of permanently stationed troops within Russia: 32,000; Crimea: 7000; Moldova: 1000.

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Source: Map titled “Where Russia’s troops are positioned” within article:Ukraine: What is Nato and why doesn’t Russia trust it?, BBC News.

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