A digitally animated drawing of a blind Japanese woman walking in an open landscape from the film Flight Paths

Watch the best in Films on Disability at Virtual Superfest Disability Film Festival 10/15 to 10/17

This weekend, October 15 through 17, is the annual Superfest Disability Film Festival. Superfest is the longest running disability film festival in the world. It has run since 1970 and showcases the best in short and feature-length films starring people with disabilities in front or behind the camera—or both. This year’s festival will be virtual. All films will be on-demand from October 15 through 17 and you can watch them at your leisure during this time. When you purchase a pass, you have the option of watching the films with open caption, or open caption and audio description.

Two films feature blind characters: Flight Paths and Here Comes Frieda. Here’s a little more about both:Flight Paths
Part film, part video game, part history lesson, this whimsical animated choose-your-own adventure takes us into the world of ‘the Goze’, blind female travelling performers of medieval Japan. Produced by Extant, the UK’s leading company of visually impaired artists, Flight Path shares how access can be both innovative and fully integrated. Join this meditative reflection on travel, blindness and migration.

Here Comes Frieda
As yet another superstorm bears down on a desperate, weary city in the year 2040, a young blind woman seeks to redeem her winning sweepstakes ticket for a better life in a low Earth orbit paradise.

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Passes for the festival are available for purchase on a sliding scale. Buy a Superfest Disability Film Festival pass.