Two people wearing masks standing six feet apart in the LightHouse building lobby at 1155 Market Street

It’s official: LightHouse offices reopen September 7

During the pandemic, LightHouse staff have worked tirelessly to support, train and inform our students. There have been some advantages to online-only classes: one of which is definitely that we have been able to serve people who live or work too far from our offices to attend in person. So, when we re-open to in-person courses and one-on-one trainings, we will be doing so knowing we can do both: work with students face-to-face and online. This will give us all much more flexibility and the greater ability to tailor and focus the training to the needs of our students.

We can not wait to reopen our doors and welcome students and guests back. Will it be the same as before the pandemic? Unfortunately, no. LightHouse has the safety and well being of its staff and students as its first priority. Masks will be required at all times, whether a person is vaccinated or not. Apart from the overnight camp sessions currently taking place at Enchanted Hills Camp where vaccinations have been mandated, we will not be requiring staff or students to be vaccinated, although we do strongly encourage vaccinations.

Six-foot physical distancing will also be exercised. Tactile markings have been placed in areas such as at the reception desk of our 1155 headquarters, six feet apart so people can independently comply with this protocol. We understand our approach is more cautious than many places within the Bay Area, however, we recognize how much more frequently people who are blind or have low vision come in to incidental contact with surfaces and people and is why we are asking our staff and students to help us continue to keep everyone safe when we return in September. Stay tuned to this newsletter, online calendar and website for more information and classes starting in the fall.

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