cropped graphic of International Space Station with braille labels

Touching The News: What does the International Space Station look like?

side-by-side graphic and diagram of International Space Station with braille labelsTitles, from left: International Space Station,  International Space Station Diagram

Description: 3-page graphic containing an illustration of the International Space Station as seen from the Zenith (above), a layout diagram, and a key to abbreviations. The drawing shows the truss system horizontally, with solar arrays extending vertically up and down on the page, radiators up, and a series of connected modules. The diagram shows the same layout, using lines to connect feature labels, as well as the orientation with directions Aft, Port, Forward, Starboard (Zenith and Nadir omitted for clarity). The key contains abbreviations with additional information.

Download Graphic

ZIP folder contains files for producing the 3-page tactile graphics on 8.5 x 11-inch paper, landscape:

  • PRNs for ViewPlus Columbia / Delta, APH PixBlaster, IRIE BrailleTrac / BrailleSheet;
  • PDFs for Swell, Microcapsule or PIAF;
  • Reference PDFs with corresponding large print text (not for tactile production).

Printing Instructions and Supported Embossers

How to unzip/uncompress: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, MacOS.

Source: International Space Station Facts and Figures

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