Serena wearing a homemade black knit cap and scarf

Craft Curious? Chat one-on-one with Serena Olsen

The holidays are coming and along with heated debates about pumpkin spice, it’s time to think of decorations and presents. Maybe you want to make a knit cap for a loved one or make a trinket to hang on your favorite holiday display. If you’re curious about crafting, LightHouse has you covered with Craft Curious, a one-on-one crafting consultation with Adult Program Manager Serena Olsen.

On your own time, Serena will help you set goals for your craft project and learn nonvisual techniques to complete things such as that purl stich. Never crafted before? Serena will help you get started.

Serena says, “Crafting is a great hands-on activity that encourages us to step away from our screens, destress, and even do a little fun problem solving. Especially in these times of unusual irregularity and uncertainty, we can all benefit from hobbies like these.”

By the way, did you know there’s a nationwide network of crafters who are blind or have low vision? You can learn more about the NFB Krafters when you schedule your appointment with Serena. Sara Waggle, a student from out-of-state, gave her feedback via email. “I was able to connect with three other crafters in the Phoenix area. So, I just wanted to say thank you for that. Connections are everything right now.”

Ready to make that connection? Contact Serena at or 415-694-7316 with your crafting plans.

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