A braille display, next to the Zoom conferencing platform logo.

Get the rundown on the latest in Access Technology with “Select the Right Tech”, Going Virtual

If you’re blind or have low vision, finding the right piece of access technology can be a big, and sometimes daunting, undertaking, but knowing what options might meet your needs is the first step. We have a twist on the usual “Select the Right Tech” event which, up until now, has been hosted in our San Francisco headquarters building. This year, back by popular demand, here’s Select the Right Tech, now coming to you in virtual form. Hear firsthand about the latest and greatest in access technology. We’ve invited a variety of access technology vendors to talk to you about magnification software, braille displays, handheld devices, apps, and more. This is your opportunity to see all the products in one place, hear from the experts, and ask questions. While you’re here, chat with a Lighthouse Access Technology Specialist to get tips on selecting the right technology to meet your individual needs. Also learn how you can receive training on your access technology from the experts at the LightHouse.

Since this Select the Right Tech is virtual, it will be different from previous versions, as Erin Lauridsen, Director of Access Technology, explains:

“In person, this event focuses on giving the LightHouse community hands on access to different technologies. Since we can’t offer that at this moment in time, we’re focused on giving you as much information about products, and interaction with companies, as we can. We’re excited to welcome guests who may not live close enough to attend one of our in-person events.”

Confirmed presenters so far include: Access Ingenuity, HIMS, Humanware, Northstate AT, OrCam, Sterling Adaptives, with more to come.

Zoom meeting details will be provided when you RSVP by email to: AT@lighthouse-sf.org or by leaving a voicemail at: 415-694-7312.

Friday, August 14 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.