Erik wearing a Rebuild EHC 2018 T-Shirt.

What’s it like to be an Enchanted Hills Camp Counselor-In-Training? By Erik Huizar, age 16

I’ve been going to camp as a camper since 2015. Camp’s been such an amazing part of my life this past half-decade. I am extremely thankful for being able to go. I felt compelled to help out in more of an official capacity, so I became a CIT (Counsellor-In-Training). Also, the program offers very valuable skills in leadership and conflict resolution.

The hardest part of the program was coming up with solutions for scenarios they gave us. I had never faced some of those situations before. For instance, how do you handle disciplinary issues? What if a camper isn’t following the rules, even after you tell them to? Being in the virtual training with my fellow CITs and able to bounce ideas off of each other and talk different perspectives was something we all benefitted from.

We got to be counselors for the the [Virtual Youth & Family] campfire and it was very fun. We had to come up with activities and lead them. There were also videos about some of the [rebuilding efforts] going on at camp and the younger kids were asking questions. The kids were really participating. I think it went well.

I think people should go to EHC because it’s a ton of fun. If you are the only blind or low vision person in your school district, it’s a great way to interact with other blind people. I’m really excited for next year.

There is still time to come to the EHC Virtual Teen Sessions, through July 25. View the full teen camp schedule, then email for Zoom info.