Teens who are blind or have low vision sit around the fire circle at Enchanted Hills Camp in 2019.

Enjoy a summer of stories, trivia and songs with Enchanted Hills Camp Virtual Campfires

By Caitlin O’Malior

With the devastation of the coronavirus and the state ordered shelter in place safety restrictions, LightHouse’s beloved Enchanted Hills Camp has had to temporarily close its cabin doors. But that doesn’t mean campers will be completely deprived of fun this summer—dust off those hiking boots, grab a cozy camp sweater, and gather around the virtual glow of a Zoom campfire! The terrific staff of Enchanted Hills will be hosting virtual campfires and all campers, young and old, big and small, are invited to join in on the fun starting Saturday, June 6, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

These fun-filled evenings will consist of all your favorite real campfire traditions, including camp’s traditional opening campfire ceremony rituals, special guest performances, and singalongs. Campfire attendees will also be informed of rebuild updates and all other camp related program offerings.

Enchanted Hills Camp Director Tony Fletcher, reflects on the upcoming virtual campfires.

“I feel strongly that our virtual campfires will keep our camp community connected to Enchanted Hills. Virtual campfires and other activities will prove our resilience and ability to live our motto, that flexibility is key. In offering this program, we are not dismissing the importance of physically being together, but this is a preliminary step for us to take to help us plan on being together again.”

Enchanted Hills is the heart and soul of LightHouse. The EHC staff is working hard to bring the fun and nostalgia of camp to its dedicated community members by adapting beloved camp traditions to an online platform as Tony states, “In reality, what we are doing this summer will have a lasting program impact for the future,

Due to the current global crisis, LightHouse is quickly finding ways to adapt and make virtual events such as EHC’s campfires part of the new normal as Tony explains.

“We may offer virtual programming simultaneously with in person programing in the future such as campfires, talent shows, concerts, discussion groups and educational presentations. We are rebuilding camp with a fiber optic system that will make all of this possible. We have former campers and staff that live all over the world and now they will be invited back to camp.”

If you are one of the hundreds whose heart resides at Enchanted Hills Camp in Napa Valley, then warm up those pipes and sing along ‘til your heart’s content at EHC’s first virtual campfire for everyone June 6. And if you or your campfire neighbor is just a little off-key, there’s always the mute button. Just one of the many perks to the virtual world.

EHC Virtual Campfires run most Saturdays through August 15. There will be sessions for youth and their families, adult campers and teens. Contact Alyah Thomas at athomas@lighthouse-sf.org or 415-694-7345 for more info or see the full virtual campfire schedule on our calendar.