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Need blindness products? Adaptations Reopens for Online Orders

As we continue to shelter in place and do our best to help slow the potential spread of COVID-19, the staff at Adaptations knows how invaluable some of the items we carry can be in the day-to-day lives of people who use them. While we must all do what we can to keep one another safe, we also understand firsthand things like how essential it is for a blind person to have a cane when traveling, perhaps now more than ever. It is imperative that someone who has low vision be able to purchase a new magnifier to read things like cooking directions, or medication instructions. It is helpful for someone who is blind or low vision to be able to order their own, customized tactile map, should they wish to become familiar with an unknown neighborhood. During this time of quarantine, it is critical that we all, blind and sighted alike, have access to an accurate thermometer when we wish to know our body temperature. The good news is that all these things are available from our Adaptations store, and better news still: You will soon be able to resume placing your orders online. will begin taking orders again on Friday, May 1, 2020. Shipping times are delayed slightly due to circumstances surrounding COVID-19; however, you will be notified via email as soon as your order ships.

We will also be on hand to answer questions about products and accept orders by phone during our newly extended weekday hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific, Monday through Friday. Customers wishing to place a phone order can reach the store by calling 888-400-8933 and leaving a voice mail message, then one of our staff will call you back to complete your order.

To show our appreciation for so many loyal customers, we are taking 10% off any item purchased at Adaptations during the entire month of May. Whether you place your order online or over the phone, don’t miss this opportunity to stock up and save.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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  1. My husband at 90 has had his left eye removed, uses a prosthesis, but sadly his right eye has poor vision due to wet and dry macular degeneration. Currently he is suffering froim dementia and it has been suggested we attempt to stimulate his brain. Are there large jigsaw puzzles I could obtain? What other suggestions do you have that might help me help him?
    Donna Cohen 305-235-3550

  2. I am looking for large print copies of the New Century Hymnal, published by Pilgrim Press. Is this something you might carry or know of someone who might have this?

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