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LightHouse offers specialized help with Be My Eyes

If you’re not yet familiar with the Be My Eyes app, check it out on the App store or Google Play. The idea is brilliant in its simplicity. A blind or visually impaired person needs help finding out what’s in a can, or how to use the washing machine in an unfamiliar hotel laundry for example. Simply open the Be My Eyes app, tap or double tap to call using video, and more than two million plus volunteers around the world are a resource open to you. They have signed up to take video calls to help blind and visually impaired people with visual information. Be My Eyes is a free app and free service for all.

Recently, specialized help has also been available through the app. So if your difficulty is with your Microsoft product, you can choose to contact their technical support from a list within the app. And soon, LightHouse will also be listed as an option to call on for specialized help.

Choose LightHouse from the list and you will be video calling directly to one of our helpful staff. Have a question you’d like to ask about our programs? Be My Eyes us. Want some more info about one of our events? Be My Eyes us. We’re eager to talk to you, and soon there will be one more way to reach us. Look for our official launch in mid-May!

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