San Francisco Mayor London Breed stands with LightHouse CEO Bryan Bashin and LightHouse board President Chris Downey.
San Francisco Mayor London Breed stands with LightHouse CEO Bryan Bashin and LightHouse board President Chris Downey.

LightHouse Observes White Cane Day with Mayor London Breed

On Tuesday, October 15, LightHouse celebrated White Cane Day. Eighty-seven LightHouse ambassadors, visitors and staff gathered to talk about the white cane as a tool for blind independence. San Francisco Mayor London Breed joined us and talked about San Francisco’s commitment to making the city a great place for seniors and people with disabilities to live and work. After her remarks, LightHouse received an official proclamation from the Mayor’s Office declaring October 15, 2019 as White Cane Day. Afterwards, the LightHouse group marched to City Hall to create awareness about the white cane and blind pedestrian safety.

Mayor London Breed
San Francisco Mayor London Breed holds a tactile map of the White Cane Day route to City Hall. Photo by Caitlin O’Malior.

The event was highlighted in the San Francisco Chronicle and profiled on ABC7’s evening news broadcast.

LightHouse O&M instructors, some wearing Safe Streets t-shirts.
LightHouse celebrates White Cane Day on steps of San Francisco City Hall.
LightHouse friends, many wearing “my cane is my right-of-way” t-shirts, stand on the steps in front of San Francisco’s City Hall holding the LightHouse banner. Photo by Sarika Dagar.

Many White Cane Day participants wore t-shirts designed in partnership with the Vision Zero SF Safe Streets project. Vision Zero SF is committed to eliminating traffic fatalities by 2024 in San Francisco, by educating the public about traffic safety and adopting policy changes that will save lives. The t-shirts come in orange, black and white. The front of the shirts show two blind pedestrians drawn in outline in a crosswalk, using their canes. A car is stopped outside the crosswalk at a stop sign. Words, above, read “My cane is my right-of-way.” On the back of the shirts, it reads, “My Cane is my right-of-way.” in English, Spanish, Chinese and Tagalog.

In celebration of White Cane Awareness Month, white canes are 10% off at our Adaptations Store for walk-in customers for the entire month of October! Visit us at on the 10th floor of 1155 Market in San Francisco. Store hours are Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. We’re also open on the second Saturday, October 12, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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  1. Good morning,

    My name is Lena and I am a volunteer “Friendly Visitor” for a senior on Saturdays from 1-2. Her and I always go over the visiting hours.

    We go to the park, a marina, mall and for ice cream.

    My concern is she sits in her room 99.8% of the time. I dont think its by choice because on Saturdays, she enjoys going out.

    I’m searching for fun activities doing my visits and probably activities she can engage in during the weekdays.

    Being blind is new to her and she’s not comfortable using the cane 100%; which is very understandable.

    I would love to get her involved and comfortable with the unfortunate condition life has given her.

    She’s a great person. She enjoy sports and enjoys conversations of any topics; very knowledgeable of life.

    My hopes of contacting you is to refer us to activities she may enjoy now or later. I noticed some of the outings/events takes place in S. F. She lives in the East Bay.

    Are there any transportation for her to get to and from activities/events Monday thru Friday and activities we can attend on Saturdays in Berkeley or a city near.

    Please respond at your earliest convenience. It will greatly be appreciated.

    Thank you,


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