A group of blind adults use tools on a large piece of wood.
A group of blind adults use tools on a large piece of wood.

Do You Work for the Government? Designate LightHouse as your Combined Federal Campaign or Local Independent Charities Designee

Photo: Group of five blind woodworking students carving a log.

“At LightHouse I had that moment when I thought, ‘yes, I’m blind, but I can do a lot more than I thought I could.’” – David, blind woodworker

As a government employee, you can easily donate to the LightHouse by designating us as your annual workplace giving recipient for the Combined Federal Campaign (for Federal employees) or the Local Independent Charities of America (for state and local government employees).

Annually, LightHouse serves over 3000 people by teaching traditional blindness skills, like white cane travel and braille, and focused classes, like woodworking or technology. One student, David, is following the career path of his father by pursuing a life-long career in woodworking. He and his father were afraid that he wouldn’t be able to work independently. After one week of our intensive woodworking training, David told us, “I’ve learned so many skills in woodworking already, and I can do it safely on my own.”

Giving to programs that support students like David is easy because the Combined Federal Campaign allows employees to elect to give directly to the charity of their choice. Our Combined Federal Campaign number is #17667 (for Federal Employees), and state and local employees can find us under “LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired.” (Please note: There are several LightHouses that serve the blind, so be sure to select the LightHouse located in California.)

We hope that you will join our 10,000 individual donors by identifying the LightHouse for the Blind as your choice for the Combined Federal Campaign or Local Independent Charities.