Anthony Dali and Gregory Collier

Images of an Enchanted Summer

Photo: Camper Gregory Collier receives instruction from Recreation Area Leader Anthony Dali on how to place an arrow on the bow.

In August Enchanted Hills Camp wrapped up a glorious summer of sessions for blind children, adults and their families. We’re proud to say that this summer we hosted 460 campers and that those we surveyed had this good news to report:

  • Ninety-six-percent of teens, and 86-percent of youth agreed that their network of blind friends increased because of camp.
  • Eighty-five to 87-percent of campers said that they had an increase or a significant increase in connections to the blindness community.
  • Ninety-seven-percent of campers showed improvement in their blindness proficiency in daily living skills.
  • One hundred percent of campers reported showing positive change in their levels of self-confidence and independence.

Our heartfelt thanks to the nearly 50 volunteers who donated a combined 3800 hours of their time. You are gold!

Here are some photo highlights from our Kids and Teens sessions:

Enchanted Hills Kids Session

Bella Nordrum and Heaven Vallejos

Photo: New pals, campers Bella Nordrum and Heaven Vallejos share smiles and laughter as they celebrate finishing their chemistry project.

Anthony Sanchez

Photo: Camper Anthony Sanchez sits and explores with his hands the cloud of liquid nitrogen he helped create in the science project during STEM Camp.

Hoby Wedler

Photo: Hoby Wedler, Ph.D., instructs a room full of eager STEM participants in the Hogan on how to create liquid nitrogen.

Nasir and Luke on Cardiac Hill

Photo: Counselor Nasir Aqbal walking and laughing with Luke Pillar as they walk up our world-famous “Cardiac Hill”.


Enchanted Hills Teen Session

Ezra White walks with fellow campers

Photo:  A group of campers led by first year camper Ezra White (who travelled all the way from Hawaii to join us this summer) return from their woodworking class under the canopy of olive trees.

Chris Thompson works with Billy and Jenna

Photo: Volunteer Instructor Chris Thompson works with campers Billy Lei and Jenna Baylis on how to defend themselves during a karate lesson.

George Wurtzel works with Ezra White

Photo: Woodshop instructor George Wurtzel demonstrates a cutting technique to camper Ezra White.