Enchanted Hills to Host “Woodworking for the Blind” Annual Summer Workshop

Led by our own master woodworker, George Wurtzel, Enchanted Hills Camp for the Blind is excited to host the Woodworking for the Blind’s Fifth Annual Summer Workshop from August 23 through 27.

Woodworking for the Blind is a national organization of both novice and experienced blind woodworkers. The August Workshop features three full days of instruction at Enchanted Hills and will concentrate on various aspects of wood joinery including dovetails, mortise and tenons, box finger joints and lap and bridle joints. In addition there will be sessions on cutting curves with templates on both router and bandsaw, as well as woodturning techniques, coloring wood with dyes and stains, finishing guidelines and a presentation on developments in talking tools.

Although this workshop is full, George Wurtzel will be presenting another workshop training for blind woodworkers from November 10 thru the 13 at Enchanted Hills Camp. Applications for this special workshop will be available through the LightHouse website in August.

For further information, contact George Wurtzel at gwurtzel@lighthouse-sf.org.