Watch Pixar, ProTools and More Talk Accessibility with LightHouse for the Blind

May 19th is Global Accessibility Awareness Day, and we couldn’t be happier to see this event grow and become greater each year. This week Apple and Google have both wholeheartedly embraced #GAAD, and many smaller apps have even taken the opportunity to release updates specifically ensuring compatibility with VoiceOver.

We decided that it’d be the perfect day to let loose a full video of our recent SXSW panel, “Mainstreaming Accessibility.” The event brought together five brilliant, pioneering individuals from Pixar, ProTools, Be My Eyes and VocalID to have a thoughtful and wide-ranging discussion about what good design can achieve. Moderated by the LightHouse’s media and communications officer, Will Butler, the discussion gives an exciting look into the future of movies, music, and technology for not only the blind but for those with speech disorders and other disabilities.

Sit back and enjoy, and have a happy #GAAD!

If your organization would love to increase the accessibility of your products and services, a good place to start is at the San Francisco Lighthouse for the Blind. You can contact Will Butler at 415-431-1481 or email to begin a conversation.

LightHouse's SXSW 2016 flyer with date, time, location, and logos of companies