A view of City Hall from the new LightHouse

A Special Guided Exploration of the LightHouse’s New Neighborhood in June

Are you interested in learning about the local hot spots surrounding our new building?

On the afternoon of Wednesday, June 15, we’re going to offer a guided exploration of the fascinating restaurants, theaters, businesses and art within three or four blocks of our new LightHouse Building.

You’ll be matched up with a sighted guide and supplied with a tactile map of our bustling mid-market hood. Find out the best places to lunch or discover some special places you’ll want to revisit whenever you’re in the vicinity of the new LightHouse.

Introduce yourself to the new LightHouse neighborhood or learn something new about a neighborhood you’re already familiar with. Food and beverages will be provided. Contact Justine Harris-Richburgh at volunteer@lighthouse-sf.org for more information on how you can join us for this event. Spaces are sure to be claimed quickly, so sign up now.

Volunteer to be a Guide
If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering to be a guide on this trek through the new LightHouse neighborhood, please contact Justine Harris-Richburgh at volunteer@lighthouse-sf.org, or complete the volunteer registration form.