Summer in the City – Changing Vision Changing Life, Immersion Training in San Francisco

For more than three years now, over 150 active adults from all parts of Northern California have participated in the LightHouse immersion training programs at the Enchanted Hills Retreat in Napa. Come June, we are excited to add a new venue for our immersion training, our new headquarters in San Francisco at 1155 Market. You can be one of the first to go through our 2016 Immersion training in San Francisco.

In our new urban environment you and your peers will be immersed in building a foundation of independent living skills, access technology skills, orientation and mobility and peer support to get you started on your journey of living your life the way you want in maintaining your independence. All of this along with the energy and vibrancy of one of the most beautiful cities in the world surrounding you.

The CVCL curriculum, presented in four or five sessions per day, includes: ways to read printed materials; understanding how lighting, contrast and magnification can help you every day; techniques for organizing and labeling in your home or office; best methods for taking notes; basic cooking skills; traveling and moving safely and confidently in your home and in the community and understanding how accessible computers and other high and low tech equipment can enhance your life.

Evening discussions focus inwards, from conversations about holding yourself accountable on your journey, to self-advocacy, to questions about how friends, family and partners can understand/support you and your path. Sometimes the process is planned, other times it becomes very organic. Every person and every group of students is different and we individualize much of the experience depending on your own aspirations.

Gaining understanding of what is available to you, getting hands-on with new skills and developing renewed confidence with changing vision is the overall theme of the week. While the experience is different for everyone, the act of coming together with other adults, both students and teachers, who are blind or have low vision, to learn or relearn skills, and to get back into the stream of life, remains a pivotal part of the week-long experience.

In San Francisco, students will live in comfortable shared accommodations (minimum two to a room) and are provided continental breakfast, lunch and dinner. The lodging is akin to a modern Bed and Breakfast – private men’s and women’s facilities are a short walk down the hall from each room. The student lodging is secure and comfortable for learning and connecting with others when there is a break from training.

Transportation access to San Francisco from Humboldt County will be provided for North Coast students and for those who reside in the bay area, 1155 Market sits right above the Civic Center BART and is only a short cab ride or bus from the Cal Train Station and the temporary Trans Bay Terminal.

Blind or low vision students who are interested should have a genuine interest in learning the skills for moving forward; enjoy learning with a group of peers and are able to participate full day (from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. every day) of active learning and physical participation (urban mobility and public transit in San Francisco).

Note, there is no cost to attend if you are 55 or older and living in San Francisco, Alameda, Marin, Humboldt or Del Norte counties and limited scholarships are available for persons under 55 and not eligible for Department of Rehabilitation Services.

Dates for our upcoming training sessions, all at our new headquarters in San Francisco

June 12 through 17
July 10 through 15 (note: all training in Spanish)
July 31 through August 5

The Changing Vision Changing Life Immersion Training is open to adults who are ready for a jump start or a recharge as their vision has changed. Interested? Contact LightHouse staff in San Francisco, San Rafael or Eureka: