Contribute to LightHouse’s Campaign for a 21st Century LightHouse

Program and Naming Opportunities at the New LightHouse

Many of you know that the LightHouse is undergoing a campaign to move our San Francisco headquarters to a new Mid-Market location with a larger footprint for expanded programs and located a few feet from the Civic Center BART/Muni station for the best accessibility.

The new building and its design process is the focus of this month’s San Francisco Magazine, in an in-depth and fascinating discussion of how we’ve designed and built the perfect headquarters for our next century.

Why are we building a new LightHouse? Newly-blind neighbors and experienced blind residents will welcome what will surely be the most advanced blindness center in the West. Under one roof we’ll gather advanced tools, build respectful and private spaces for learning, conversation and mentorship, and crown the effort with the capacity to host students, family members and researchers for overnight stays when an immersive and intensive learning experience is optimal.

Twenty people become blind each week in the Greater Bay Area. Each year, a thousand Bay Area neighbors enter their blindness journey tentative, afraid and with a deep need to learn techniques and gain the self-confidence to live life to the fullest. This is our mission; and with your support, we will build a new headquarters to serve blind kids, teens, adults and seniors for the next century of innovative practices impacting the blind community globally.

Contributions to the Campaign for a 21st Century LightHouse will provide tangible benefits for the blind kids to seniors that benefit from the joy and learning of the LightHouse for the next century. To learn more about the campaign, for naming opportunities or how a deferred gift can be used to leave an enduring legacy in you or a loved one’s honor, contact 415-694-7333 or