Enchanted Hills Camp for the Blind 2016 Sessions – Sign Up at Noon on February 1

Young camper walks with a counselor down a peaceful path surrounded by green trees and a white picket fence at Enchanted Hills Camp.Enchanted Hills Camp Applications are Available Beginning at Noon on February 1
Starting in the spring and on through summer we’ll be offering new and familiar camp programs to educate and delight. We’re bringing back the special sessions you love like Horse Camp, Woodworking Camp and an extended Music Academy. Below is a quick list of this year’s sessions. Click here for details on each session.

Enchanted Hills Camp Sessions for 2016
Chemistry Camp – March 18 to March 20
Cycle for Sight – April 16
Providers Weekend – May 20 to May 22
Family Camp I – June 9 to June 12
Youth Leadership Training – June 13 to 17
Blind Babies Family Camp – June 17 to June 19
Deaf-Blind Camp (Adult) – June 19 to June 24
Adult Session – June 25 to June 30
Adults with Developmental Disability Session – July 1 to July 6
Family Camp II – July 7 to July 10
Youth Session (3rd through 8th grade) – July 11 to July 17
Teen Session (9th through 12th grade) – July 21 to July 30
Horse Camp – August 1 to August 7
Woodworking Camp – August 1 to 7
Music Academy – August 1 to August 10
Family Camp III – August 11 to August 14

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  1. I read with interest the cent nytimes essay by Eleanor Lew.Hers was a four day program. Which program in 2016 closely matches hers

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