In Honor of Louis Braille – Adaptations Store is Ringing in the New Year with a Special Sale on All Things Braille

Portrait of Louis BrailleOver the last several decades braille educators have been updating the braille code to make it more consistent and user friendly. Beginning January 4, Unified English Braille (UEB), will become the official braille reading and writing system for the United States. Why January 4? Louis Braille, the 19th century French educator and inventor of the braille system of reading and writing, was born on January 4 and to commemorate his creation, the United States will launch the official UEB start date on his birthday.

Adaptations is honoring Louis Braille’s birthday by offering a 10% discount on all braille products and accessories for the entire month of January. That includes slates, styli, dymo tape labelers, pocket braille money keychains, and more. Stock up on these essential supplies for the discerning braillist now. And while you are shopping for your braille products, don’t forget to purchase our new UEB Contraction booklets for only $5.

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