A polished wooden bowl.

Learn Woodturning with the LightHouse Youth Program

Here’s an amazing opportunity to work with wood under the expertise and safe guidance of master woodturner Dr. Julian Shaw and blind PhD candidate Henry (Hoby) Wedler. In this ground-breaking new program at Credo High School in Rohnert Park, each participant will learn from these practiced teachers while working one-on-one with trained high school assistants.

What: Woodturning Class
When: Sunday, December 6, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Where: Credo High School, 1290 Southwest Blvd., Rohnert Park, CA 94928
Lunch and snacks provided
The class is limited to 12 participants
Transportation: There is roundtrip transportation available from LightHouse San Francisco Headquarters *only* for those who RSVP

Please RSVP by December 4, 2015 to LightHouse Youth Coordinator Jamey Gump at (415) 964-7372 or jgump@lighthouse-sf.org.

All participants must wear long pants, short sleeves on arms and closed-toed shoes. (Jackets are recommended over short sleeves but will need to be removed while woodturning.) Dr. Julian Shaw and Hoby Wedler have are experts at ensuring that all participants maintain a safe working environment.

Participants will work under blindfold with sighted high school assistants to turn a rolling pin or similar object on an electric lathe. All assistants have been through a rigorous and innovative six-week woodturning course instructed by Dr. Julian Shaw and Hoby Wedler.

For more information about this class, please contact Hoby Wedler at (707) 338-3692 or hobywedler@gmail.com.

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